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  • Mom Who Built Incredible DIY Play Kitchen "Renovates" and Makes Another Cool Playset

    She's built an extension for the kitchen playset and made an auto mechanic's workbench for her nephew!

  • Remember the mom who made that awesome homemade play kitchen for her daughter? Well, she’s back at it again, building more amazing playsets using only cardboard boxes and recycled materials. 

    Rodessa Villanueva Reyes has “renovated” her 1-year-old daughter Audrey’s play kitchen to include a pantry and made her 3-year-old nephew Hendrix an auto mechanic's workbench complete with gas pump. 

    In an email interview, Rodessa told Smart Parenting that she decided to extend her daughter’s kitchen playset when Audrey started to identify fruits and vegetables. She thought a pantry would make a great addition where she could store all her toy fruits and veggies.


    She continued using scavenged, recycled or inexpensive materials for the extension: cardboard boxes, vinyl stickers, gift wrappers, and an illustration board for pint-sized chalkboard grocery list! “I've also used our buntings with Audrey's name as additional decoration. The buntings were used before as decors when we celebrated her monthly birthday.” 

    Rodessa said that it took her about a week to finish the extension since she could only work on it at night when her daughter was asleep. But, once it was done, her daughter’s reaction was “priceless” says Rodessa. “She absolutely loved it. She was very surprised and excited to see her toys in the pantry. She ran [to the extension].” 

    If you’re wondering how the rest of cardboard kitchen has been holding up, Rodessa says the whole kitchen remains in very good shape. “My daughter has taken good care of it. Maybe it’s because she saw me build it from cardboard boxes.”

    The play kitchen extension isn’t the only thing Rodessa’s been busy with. She’s also recently built an auto mechanic’s workbench for her nephew. 

    “My 3-year-old nephew Hendrix is fascinated with cars, construction equipment and tools,” she said. And so she thought of building him a workbench complete with its own gas pump. “It was the perfect idea because it would pretty much cover most of his interest and store his existing toys.”

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    Rodessa says the workbench isn’t as perfect as she would like it to be since she only got to work on the project while on a three-day visit with her relatives in the province. We still think it came out pretty well despite the limited time frame. The fact that it’s also completely made from cardboard boxes makes it impressive i our books. 

    “It has a huge storage for his toy bulldozers and other construction equipment. It also has several hooks to hang his toy tools, and I've included some stickers of road signs for Hendrix to identify.” 

    “I set-up the finished workbench while Hendrix was asleep. I left him the road sign stickers so he can decorate his workbench the way he wanted.  He was very excited when he saw it in the morning,” said Rodessa. And, of course, Audrey joined in on the fun, too.

    “[We moms] choose to show our love for our kids the best way we can, be it by giving them the most expensive play kitchen in the toy store or building them one from cardboard boxes. At the end of the day, what matters is our kid's happiness and how much we shower them with love.”

    All photos provided by Rodessa Villanueva Reyes. 

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