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  • Moms Share Hilarious Tricks to Make Their Kids Look at the Camera

Moms Share Hilarious Tricks to Make Their Kids Look at the Camera
PHOTO BY Marielle Mendoza
  • As moms, you want to preserve memories of your growing kids as much as possible. And because of smartphones, it's even easier now to capture these moments. But the struggle to get your kids to look at the camera isn't just real—it's universal!

    Just ask these moms who went to such great lengths to get these adorable, picture-perfect shots:

    Bring your A-game (or games!).

    Photo Courtesy of Anne Choi.

    "It's easier when I'm the one behind the camera, as I can call [him] as loudly as needed. [I] play peek-a-boo with him, or dangle something he likes—keys, toys—in front of the camera to make him look!" —Anne Choi, 40

    Stage a concert to get them in the mood.

    Photo Courtesy of Grace Rabelas.

    "Naalala ko, photoshoot nila for their preschool yearbook. She was in a good mood, [her] usual self at the start of the shoot. Turn na sana niya, pero inuna nung photographer yung isang bata kasi kilala ata yung nanay. It changed her mood, she ran and cried. Ayaw na magpa-picture.

    "I sang 'This Girl Is On Fire'—with teachers, other parents, and the photo-shoot team around! [She] is a fan of Angelica Hale. 'Pag ginagaya ko siya, especially that part na 'This girl is on fire, this girl is on fireeererrrrrrr’ tawang-tawa siya!" —Grace Rabelas, 47

    Ask help from the family's baby whisperer.

    Photo Courtesy of Marielle Mendoza.

    "We always ask [her kuya] to dance for her just to make her smile or laugh at the camera—even in public places. So kahit hiyang-hiya na kuya niya, gagawin pa rin!" —Marielle Mendoza, 29

    Getting your child to look at the camera and flash a smile is only half the battle. It's not always easy to take beautiful portraits of your kids, particularly during those split-second IG-worthy moments. A smartphone with snazzy camera features and settings like the sleek OPPO F11 Pro can help.

    Mommy Marielle particularly loved the OPPO F11 Pro's camera. "It takes less effort to capture the best moments of my kids with its fast shutter speed. The high-quality output also needs very little to no editing,' she said.

    Grace agreed. "I like the quality of the pictures. The camera automatically adjusts [to the surroundings]. The phone is photoshoot-ready," she explained.

    For Anne, the photo burst option is quite useful. "You just press the camera longer than usual, and it takes photos continuously. I can just choose which picture captured [my son's] smile best!" she said.

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    Photography is mostly trial and error, so don't give yourself a hard time if you can't take your kids' portraits perfectly on your first try. Keep in mind that this is a good bonding experience. These photos, which capture your children's precious moments, are something you will treasure for years to come.

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    *All photos were taken using the OPPO F11 Pro.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with OPPO.