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  • Movie Review: 'Parental Guidance'

    Experience the hilarious side of grandparenting with this family-friendly movie of love, forgiveness, acceptance and second chances.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
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    The movie illustrates how every age has its fair share of challenges and how it sometimes takes the prodding of a trusted adult to take the first step to dealing with these struggles.

    While the idea of having your in-laws or your parents babysit your kids isn’t new to us Pinoys, Parental Guidance mirrors some of the issues that create friction between 21st century parents and older parents. With new parenting methods cropping up left and right and gadgets becoming a necessity both as a work and play tool, grandparents lose solid footing in the unfamiliar. What used to work for them may not necessarily work nowadays.

    There’s a silver lining though in the film, as it shows that there are some parenting tips and tricks that never go out of style, and that these same ways can work hand in hand with more contemporary practices.

    The beauty of the movie lies in the acknowledgement that, old as their ways may be, grandparents possess gems of parenting wisdom and as such, younger parents need to learn how to trust their parents. It also illustrates how they play a vital role in co-raising their grandchildren.

    The movie helps us evaluate our relationship with our parents and in-laws, as well as how much we value how we were brought up, in connection with how we parent our kids today.

    While we may often feel that we know what’s best for our children, our own parents have also gone down the same path, and their footsteps are worth revisiting in times of doubt.

    Thoroughly entertaining, bursting with humor and full of lessons for parents of any age, Parental Guidance shows us the joys of having grandparents whom we can turn to for advice, support, and whom we can also entrust with the honor of raising our own children.

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