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  • OMG! This High-Tech Haunted Mansion in Alabang is Equal Parts Creepy and Impressive

    It's more advanced than your regular haunted house.
OMG! This High-Tech Haunted Mansion in Alabang is Equal Parts Creepy and Impressive
  • This year's winner of Best Halloween Costume? That honor belongs to a house in Ayala Alabang Village in Muntinlupa.

    Last October the house went through a drastic Halloween makeover and was turned into a high-tech haunted mansion filled with spooky digital displays and sounds. Every area of the house, from the bedrooms to the kitchen, was transformed into the kind of stuff you only see in horror movies. There was even a ghostly tour guide waiting by the entrance! Watch:

    So how did this thing come to life? For starters, Globe Connected Home intelligent plugs and sensors were used to trigger the fog machines and mood lights as the visitors entered the rooms.

    Meanwhile, Globe Connected Home Multi-purpose Sensors, which trigger the scary sounds and lighting, were installed in the kitchen. A loop of ear-splitting screams also played throughout the night using an Amazon Spot Echo that was connected to a smart speaker. After the tour, visitors were invited to relive the experience by watching it on the MiBox S.

    All of the devices were connected to the Globe Connected Home Wi-Fi Hub, a Wi-Fi mesh network setup that eliminates dead spots and controls the automation of the devices. The hub, in return, is connected to Globe At Home's high-speed fiber internet.

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