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  • Is the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Worth Bringing a 'Maleta'? YES!

    This is a must-read if you're planning to go to the 10-day book fair.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Is the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale Worth Bringing a 'Maleta'? YES!
PHOTO BY Alexine Parreno
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  • The Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, the one we said where maletas (yes, plural) are encouraged, has been claiming it will carry 2 million brand new books at 60 to 80% off. So when Big Bad Wolf invited SmartParenting.com.ph to preview the sale before it opens to the public on February 16, we sent mom and contributing writer Alexine Parreño, who also owns online bookstore Pumplepie Books & Happiness, to World Trade Center to answer one simple question: Is it worth lugging a maleta for?

    Her answer: It's book heaven for families! "I was there for seven hours, and it was still bitin. You need more than one day," Alexine reports. 

    Moms and dads, here's what you need to know before heading to the Big Bad Wolf Book Sale, happening on February 16 to 25 (admission is free!): 

    1. Expect A LOT of children’s books. According to Alexine, almost half of the area is allotted to a vast selection of children’s books for kids of all ages. There are Dr. Seuss books at just Php190 each! The books are sealed, but you’ll be able to find an unsealed “sample” on top of the pile to browse.  


    2. The books are well sorted (at least, for now). 


    They are sorted not just into categories, but also types. For the children’s section, for example, there are nine (9!) tables for board books alone! Picture books fill 12 tables, and reference books has eight tables. As Alexine couldn't help exclaim, "there's a gazillion tables for activity books." 

    If you need help, look for staff in brown aprons that say "Howl for assistance." They may not be able to tell you where to find a specific book, but they can at least point you in the right direction

    3.You'll find pregnancy and baby books, starting at Php230

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    Alexine told us that the book above was Php700 when she bought it seven years ago. It's now Php230 at Big Bad Wolf. 

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    4. You can bring the kids.

    If your child loves books and you know she won’t get impatient at scanning the area for good reads, then consider bringing her along. “There are lots of kids, actually. They like browsing,” said Alexine. Her daughter, Adriana, grabbed several books for herself including a couple from the Goosebumps series. Alexine also bought a set of Percy Jackson books priced at Php970 for five books.  

    Take note: This was preview day, so it isn't open to the public yet. The crowd will be thicker tomorrow, February 16, which is a holiday. There is also no play area.

    5. There’s a breastfeeding area. Alexine forgot to take a photo (she was overwhelemed with her shopping loot), but it was "nice, a proper room with sofas."  

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    6. The line at the cashier doesn’t take forever. True to their word, there really are 42 cashiers at the venue. 
    Aside from cash, they also accept payments via credit card. According to Alexine, the personnel at the cashier and those who assist you inside are hospitality students from Lyceum doing on-the-job-training.  

    7. There are food and drinks booths outside, but you can’t eat or take your beverages inside where all the books are. Milk for the baby is an exception. 

    8. Make use of the “sorting area.” Don’t hold up the line! Before you head to the cashier, stop by the sorting area where you can rummage through your trolley for books that you’ve decided you don’t want after all. Right next to it is a place where you can leave these books behind. 

    9. Trolleys are provided, and there will be staff to assist you if you need help carrying your haul to your car.  If you’ve already purchased books but decide you want to look around again, there is a drop-off area where you can leave your haul.

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