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  • Ang Galing! How To Tell Stories Using Light And Paper With Your Child

    Get creative with your kids and spend an afternoon making DIY shadow play puppets!
Ang Galing! How To Tell Stories Using Light And Paper With Your Child
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  • Keeping your kids occupied and entertained, especially now that they are cooped up at home 24/7, usually entails using a screen of some sort: a smartphone, tablet, television, or a gaming console.

    While there is nothing wrong with this—as long as it is done in moderation!—kids can still use a lesson or two on “old-school” playtime activities, which can not only keep boredom away but also keep their creative juices flowing. They are just as fun, too!

    Here’s an idea: Try shadow play! It’s an age-old tradition that continues to be practiced by several cultures worldwide to this day as a form of entertainment. It involves creating shadow puppets out of paper or cardboard and sticks, manipulated by a puppeteer between a light source and a translucent screen to tell stories.

    Shadow puppets are easy enough for your kids and yourself to make for a great shared art activity!

    To encourage shared creativity between parents and their kids, Jack 'n Jill Knots launched the online community, Club Knots.

    The Club Knots Facebook page is filled with fun and creative DIY projects, like Shadow Play, that moms and dads can do with their kids at home.

    Find out how you can make shadow puppets and where you can get downloadable templates and other ideas to help you create your very own Shadow Play. Get started by watching this video by Club Knots.

    Feel free to create different characters, and let your imagination run wild with all the stories you can tell: fairy tales, space adventures, and more!

    For more bonding activity ideas you can do with your children, follow Club Knots on Facebook.

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