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  • Skip The Traffic: How To Make A Family Staycation At Home As Exciting As Traveling

    The secret is planning an itinerary that both you and your kids will enjoy!
Skip The Traffic: How To Make A Family Staycation At Home As Exciting As Traveling
  • Planning your family’s holiday vacation usually entails booking accommodations to a resort or a rental home out of town and driving for hours to arrive at your destination. But because of the crazy traffic situation in the metro, it seems impossible to schedule a stress-free trip.

    Why not have a staycation instead? You’ll definitely save more time, money, and effort, and can devote all of these into making sure you and your kids are enjoying your holiday.

    It’s not too late to create an exciting staycation itinerary, so you and your family get the best out of your short vacation break. Here are our suggested fun activities to get you started.

    1. Prepare meals together

    There's no need to eat out or get food delivery just so your family can enjoy restaurant-quality meals. You can find easy-to-make but delicious recipes on YouTube that your kids can also help prepare. After all, moms should be able to enjoy the staycation, too!

    Don’t forget to add some yummy, no-bake desserts, which the whole family will enjoy making—and eating, too!

    2. Play indoor games

    A survey of kids ages 6 to 17 revealed that a majority of children want to spend more time with their moms and dads. Some of the activities they would like to do with their parents include playing board and card games and creating arts and crafts.

    During your staycation, try out some classic board games like Scrabble, Snakes and Ladders, and Monopoly. You can even include mobile games and videogames, and turn everything into a competition.

    If artsy activities are more to your liking, consider doing these fun recycled art projects and unique crafts with your kids.

    3. Camp in your own backyard

    You don’t have to hike a mountain to enjoy the outdoors. If you have a yard, you can just set up a tent and enjoy the many benefits of camping near the comforts of your home.

    This alternative is not only easy to execute; it’s more manageable, too, especially when you have toddlers who may need to use the bathroom at night. Make sure to plan outdoor activities like a treasure hunt during the day and storytelling sessions at night.

    4. Ready your living room for a movie session

    No need to brave the city traffic to watch movies with your kids—not when you can have movie sessions at home. Get blankets, pillows, and bowls and bowls of popcorn, and cuddle up with the kids while watching your family’s favorite movies and TV shows.

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    5. Schedule a date night

    And after all the fun activities, don’t forget to sneak in some quality time with hubby.

    Plan a wine night, watch an adult-friendly movie or your favorite non-kiddie TV series with the help Globe Streamwatch powered by Roku, or go for a romantic night stroll. These activities will give you time to communicate and catch up with your partner, and re-energize the both of you as a couple.

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