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  • Naiinip Na Sa Loob Ng Bahay? Entertain Your Kids WIth These 5 Fun Indoor Activities

    Yes, you don't need to brave heavy traffic to have a memorable summer!
Naiinip Na Sa Loob Ng Bahay? Entertain Your Kids WIth These 5  Fun Indoor Activities
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  • Staycation has become a popular choice among parents for practical reasons. Last-minute travel plan cancelations? No time to plan a family trip? Or you just want to stay at home? Don’t worry—we have some tips on what to do with the kids this summer.

    These fun experiences are definitely proof that staying in is in!

    1. Create a family music video.

    Do your kids enjoy watching videos online? Take things up a notch by filming a music video starring the whole family! With the emergence of popular apps like Tiktok, Snapchat, and YouTube, making your own video would be a piece of cake. Plus, it makes for a nice memento your family can look at in the future.

    Pick a fun song to sing and dance along to, as well as a theme. Then, could you share it on social media? Not only will you have fun creating the video, but we’re also sure your friends and relatives would love watching it on repeat!

    2. Put up a family art exhibit.

    Instead of buying prints and paintings for your home, consider hanging up something more personal and meaningful. With a couple of sheets of heavy stock paper, some paintbrushes, and a kid-friendly paint set, the whole family is set for an at-home art session.

    Encourage your kids to paint what makes them happy so they can remember these stories as they grow up. Don’t forget to have them sign their name on each art piece.

    3. Have a DIY spa day.

    Going to a spa is a luxury, so how about bringing the experience to your home instead? Prepare sheet masks or even homemade face masks with ingredients like honey, olive oil, and bananas. You can find thousands of recipes online—it's just one Google search away!

    Create a spa-like ambiance with aromatherapy oils and calming music, and get ready to relax and lounge around your home. Then, take turns giving each other back massages or treat your kids with a mani-pedi session (using kid-friendly products, of course!) to complete the experience.

    4. Conduct mini science experiments.

    Kids are naturally curious, so show them how things work through experiments! Pick ones that are fun, and easy to prepare and execute, like the Rubber Watermelon Trick and Catapult Airplane.

    Don’t worry about the mess! The excitement and learning these experiments will bring will surely make it all worth it.

    5. Cook yummy and healthy meals.

    You can do some experimenting in the kitchen, too. If your busy schedule has left you relying on food delivery alone, it’s time to make good-for-you dishes for a change. Or to make things more exciting, do a cook-off. Here's an idea: make some of your family's favorite dishes with a new and delicious twist! Then, mom and dad can either act as the team leaders or the judges.

    Aside from cooking, you can also enlist the kids to do simple tasks like preparing the ingredients, setting the table, and picking up certain items when you’re at the supermarket.

    When choosing your ingredients, pick those that are fresh and natural as much as you can. Robinsons Supermarket has your family’s health and wellness in mind for this summer, with a wide variety of offerings that encourage customers to lean towards healthier choices.

    From now until April 30, 2020, Robinsons Supermarket invites everyone to the Sun & Fun Fair, where customers can enjoy PHP100 off for a minimum purchase of PHP2,000 inclusive of PHP500 worth of participating items.

    This summer, make use of your time together to catch up and create meaningful memories with the whole family right in the comfort of your home!

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