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  • The cream of the croptell us about their passion, and what it takes to excel:

    Lisa Macuja

    Lisa Macuja-Elizalde
    Prima ballerina

    “Ballet keeps a child occupied and physically fit. It teaches her correct posture, balance, and grace. It gives her confidence especially when she has to go on stage, and this is confidence she could carry until she’s grown.

    “Ballet gives you discipline because you have to come to class at a certain time or have a certain hairdo. You stick to a regimen that will prepare your instrument—your body—for a great performance. You eat right, and it may mean cutting down on carbs, and you sleep early so you are well-rested the next day. You skip parties and drinking or smoking.

    “Ballet ensures character development because you have to push your body. Sometimes, you are humiliated by the teacher and you have to deal with it. Dancers are performing athletes. Ballet trains you for life.”

    Phil and James Younghusband

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    Phil Younghusband
    Midfielder, Philippine National Football Team and Chairman of the Younghusband Football Academy

    "James and I met a lot of people in our lives through football, and we never thought we’d be friends with them. We learned a lot of things from these people, such as different techniques and styles.

    “Football is also all about self-expression and decision making. You make decisions and deal with the consequences. Just like in real life, when you make a decision and then lose the ball, you have to adapt to the consequence.”

    James Younghusband
    Midfielder, Philippine National Football Team and Director of the Younghusband Football Academy

    “Football helps [children] express themselves. When they’re happy, they can just run around and have fun. When they’re angry, they can kick the ball harder. They also learn about teamwork through fun drills like relays.”

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