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  • Chris Tiu

    Chris Tiu on managing sports and school

    How I got into basketball
    “When I was about four years old, I’d see my parents play basketball in the park and join inter-village sports tournaments. Every Sunday night, our relatives would play against each other just for fun. It became our pastime, part of our exercise and bonding.

    “I started my formal training in basketball when I was in grade four. I was never really encouraged to play competitively because my parents were afraid that my grades might suffer. But the coach convinced my mom to let me try out for the Smart Basketeers Philippines. I did and I got into the team.I was nine years old.”

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    Balancing B-ball and academics
    “My parents were very strict with my studies, but when they saw that I had the initiative to strive to get good grades, they loosened up a bit. I became grade-conscious.

    “They were also hands-on. They’d check my homework and monitor my grades. It became the norm for me to get good grades.

    “My parents were also very supportive. My mom would always watch my games every Sunday. She’d drive me to the court, and we would pray the rosary going to the game and back. Dad was still playing in the alumni league then, but he’d watch my games whenever he could.”

    Humility in victory
    “My parents remind me to be humble through their actions — the way they deal with other people and the way they carry themselves. They don’t brag about their kids.”

    His secrets to success? “I got my work ethic from my dad and my mom who made a lot of sacrifices for our family. Even if Dad is very hardworking, he still made sure he ate with us at the dinner table.

    “I developed a competitive drive over the years. I’ve always wanted to be the best I can be.”


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