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  • Summer Classes at Empire Boxing: Mixed Martial Arts for Kids

    Let your child learn the value of self-control, discipline and the gift of confidence with martial arts.
    by Stephanie F. Esguerra .
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    The program also helps prepare children for big school, in such a way that they instill the values of humility and self-control to properly react to or avoid bullying. “For parents whose kids are bullies or whose kids are bullied, this is essential,” says Rob. “If you’re a bully, you will learn to control yourself. You will learn to check your ego at the door. You will learn that there is always somebody who can beat you in any game. You will learn that by seeing other people box, by seeing a professional fight, you will learn that it’s not just you who is control of everything. You’re not special. You’re not cool by being a bully. You’re cool by stepping up into a tournament, by learning the proper art.”

    While combat sports are commonly thought to be violent and promoting aggression, Rob highlights how these are misconceptions. “[Here we] don’t teach students to start a fight, but instead, [we teach them] to end a fight. We brief the children that this is a sport. This is a sport you can use to defend yourself as a last resort.” By knowing the extent and potential harm that comes with proper training in these arts, kids know that it’s better to stay away from a potential fight. 


    The program is similar for older kids aged 6 to 11. The instructions are simplified and the classes are taught via friendly spars. Only the fundamental skills, such as basic striking and basic kicking, are taught. “We go slow, we go at their level,” Rob says. 

    Unlike traditional martial arts, there are no belts to indicate skill levels in Empire Boxing. The summer program can also help kids condition their bodies for an athletic foundation.  


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