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  • Things to Do With Your Family for Just P15

    This small amount can take you far.
Things to Do With Your Family for Just P15
  • These days, keeping your family entertained isn't exactly cheap. Eating out? You need to account for those unplanned extras for your kids, plus the service charge. A trip to the movies? You'd be hard-pressed to find tickets less than P200 each. Going for an out-of-town drive? Don't forget to budget for stopovers and pasalubong.

    The good news: With a little creativity, you can enjoy some serious family bonding without spending a fortune. Check out these family to-dos that cost just P15or even less!


    Play tic-tac-toe with coins.

    Give this old-school children's game a twist: Mark the Xs with a pen as usual, but substitute the Os with one-peso coins instead. Whoever succeeds in making a horizontal, vertical, or diagonal row wins all of the coins on the board!


    Try your luck at a claw machine.

    If you're looking to kill time at the mall, head to the arcade. Your P15 can probably get up to three cracks at the claw machine! Challenge your little ones and see which one of them can score a cute plushie to take home.


    Make chalk art.

    Buy a few pieces of colored chalk and gather the gang for an afternoon of art. Design a family mural on your garage, and make sure to take plenty of pictures!


    Have a mini ice-candy party.

    Got a neighbor selling homemade ice-candy? Treat your family to some dessert while taking a leisurely stroll outside.


    Stream your favorite shows together.

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