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  • Thinking Of Getting A Family Dog? Consider These Adorable "Gentle Giants"

    They're irresistible—just ask their celebrity parents!
Thinking Of Getting A Family Dog? Consider These Adorable "Gentle Giants"
  • Moms, if you've been considering adding a dog to your family (or if your little ones have been bugging you endlessly for a pup), take this as a sign to finally do it. Besides, we doubt you'll be able to resist these "Gentle Giants" once you see them!

    “Gentle Giants” is the most profound (and accurate) way to describe the Z Giant Poodles. They are large dogs but are literally gentle, swoon-worthy, intelligent, lovable, huggable, affectionate, and extremely loyal. Originating in Germany, Z Giant Poodles were called “Royal Poodles” simply because they are much bigger than any average breed of a poodle.

    Here's a quick storytime: When Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee Teo posted their beloved Giant Poodles on their social media accounts three years ago, the dogs and their puppies became viral—and it's easy to see why. Fans were enamored by the elegance and charm that these furry friends bring because Z Giant Poodles can fashionably dress up using different accessories.

    It's no surprise that famous local personalities, influencers, and celebrities showed their desire to adopt a giant poodle and add a new member to their families. The love and enthusiasm for the Giant Poodles were overwhelming for the Teos, but Dr. Z saw this as an encouragement to spread awareness by breeding their own Giant Poodles and founded the Designer Z Giant Poodles—and yes, this means you can have your own gentle giant, too!

    Designer Z Giant Poodles aims to bring every giant poodle a chance to be reared and cared for by a new fur family—a.k.a. you! Parents already have experience from taking care of babies and raising children, which means you've totally got what it takes to care for a fur baby. All you have to do is be ready for unconditional love and lots of sloppy kisses—who doesn't want that?

    Dr. Z is able to personally have his touch to breed these dogs before giving them up for adoption, which was well-received by the public. Aside from Dr. Z and Dr. Aivee, among the personalities who own a Designer Z Giant Poodles include Yassi Pressman, Cat Arambulo-Antonio, and JC Intal, husband of Bianca Gonzales.

    In case you're already seriously considering adopting a giant poodle into your family, you might want to hear from these celebrity fur parents about their experiences with their own gentle giants. Below, learn about the giant poodles' temperament and other endearing qualities so you can decide if this type of dog fits into your and your family's lifestyle. Plus, they also share the story behind their names as well as memorable bonding moments they spent together!


    "All Z Giant Poodles are named after a city of Dr. Z’s favorite countries. Hamilton is from the liter of puppies that have names from cities in New Zealand. We kept his original name and call him Ham, Hami, or Sir Hamilton."

    Cat shares: "Hamilton is the best fur baby I have ever had in my life. Truly my favorite." When it comes to Hamilton's temperament, Cat mentions that "he’s very intelligent, super sweet, very clean, always smells good and he goes with me everywhere they allow dogs his size." She quips, "Having Hamilton is like having [a] massive stuffed toy with me all the time!"

    When asked about her favorite memories with Hamilton, Cat shares, "My most memorable moment with Hamilton is when he jumps on me to be carried when he’s scared of something. He forgets his size and is really the epitome of a gentle giant." So cute!


    "I got Dublin 2 years ago during the height of the lockdown. He's part of the first litter of Z Giant Poodles," JC shares. "When Doc Z asked us if it was okay to name him based on the characters in Money Heist, just like his parents and siblings, we landed on the name Dublin," he continues.

    When asked about Dublin's personality, JC shares that "Dublin loves chilling on the couch, living area, or under the dining table. He's so cuddly that our daughters really love him making him their pillow, stuffed toy, and they even play make-believe with him."

    "The most memorable was when I first met him when he was 3 months old," JC mentions when asked about his favorite moments with Dubline, "It was really like love at first sight." He even mentioned that his wife, Bianca "was never really fond of dogs" especially having them inside the house! But when she saw Dublin, JC shares that she immediately changed her mind. "He is part of our family and every day we make sure that he feels our love. Dublin is like our youngest son and my daughters treat him like a baby. Our gentle giant who will turn 3 this August 8, 2023."


    "All my dogs at home are bullies who have strong characters but my Z Giant Poodles is the most foreign-looking dog that we have at home, we decided to call him Euro," shares Yassi.

    When asked what she loves about Euro, she muses: "I love Euro’s energy, his looks, and I love how unique he is in the house beside all the bullies he really truly is a ball of fluff. He loves to play with all of the other dogs at home. He is so energetic and he keeps them busy so they can all nap after."

    Yassi also shared her most memorable moment with Euro: "My most memorable moment with Euro was when I introduced him to all the other doggies because considering he was a male and all of the other dogs are alpha males and for all of them to be friends, that was a very special parent moment for me." How adorable is that?

    In case you need a little nudge, here's a little fun fact: Designer Z Giant Poodles are also sought-after abroad and shipped to different countries such as Singapore, Italy, Indonesia, and Russia. It comes as no surprise since these giant poodles are too cute for words!

    The demand for pet essentials best suited for these dogs also increased as more fur parents began to adopt Designer Z Giant Poodles. This is why with careful consideration and planning, Dr. Z came up with a wide-range pet shop that would provide the necessities and grooming services intended for the Z Giant Poodles. Say hello to Luxuri Pets.

    This one-stop pet store caters to the fur parents of Z Giant Poodles and other pets and offers a wide variety of pet food, supplies, bath needs, accessories, and grooming services for their fur babies. One thing to keep in mind is that having a Z Giant Poodle requires meticulous coat maintenance because it requires constant brushing. This is why Luxuri Pets offers a signature cut exclusively intended for all Z Giant Poodles—a special touch that you can only get at Luxuri Pets. Talk about royal treatment!

    So, are you ready to add a new member to the family?

    For more information, check out Z Giant Poodles's website and follow @luxuripets and @zgiantpoodles on Instagram.

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