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  • This Made Our Day: Putting Together a Barbie Dreamhouse -- The Struggle is Real

    Have you ever had to build your kid a Barbie Dreamhouse? If you haven't, consider this a forewarning.
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    Barbie Dreamhouses: they're elaborate, expensive and come with a million and one accessories. No wonder kids love them so much. They provide hours of entertainment and are loads of fun to play with. Unfortunately for parents however, they don't come assembled. So, we have to pay for them, lug them home, and go through the excruciating process of building them. But, because we're parents, we'll do anything to make our kids happy, right?

    In case you're having trouble with setting up your child's Barbie Dreamhouse, here's a not-really-a-tutorial tutorial by WhatsUpMoms to help you out. 

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