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  • 4 Food Trends That Will Make Meals At Home More Exciting

    Try these if the family is getting tired of the same kanin and ulam!
4 Food Trends That Will Make Meals At Home More Exciting
  • We’ve already made it past January, and although most of us would want to go in slow and steady into the new year (Be kind to us, 2021!), we still crave excitement at least from our food.

    Last year, online sellers, home cooks, and baking enthusiasts made full use of their time at home to whip up delicious and unique dishes. We won’t be surprised if new food ideas would eventually grace our social media feeds and our tables this year, but some trends from 2020 are definitely here to stay.

    Here are some of the popular quarantine food trends your family will still love this year: 

    1. Sweets made with ube

    It’s almost impossible to get tired of ube, especially because of the number of ways you can serve this delectable ingredient. Not only does it add a beautiful color to your snacks (or your Instagram posts), but its earthy taste and texture have made it a Filipino favorite since time immemorial—way before food trends were even a thing! 

    Use it to reinvent classic favorites like leche flan, cheesecake, bibingka, milk tea, and more! Trust us, ube isn’t going away anytime soon. 

    2. Spicy, fermented side dishes

    We might have to give credit to our K-drama obsession for making us fall in love with kimchi and other fermented or pickled side dishes that are usually featured in our favorite TV shows. 

    The good thing about these food items is that you can store them in your fridge for a long time. Plus, they add spice, flavor, and color to your regular meals.

    3. Homemade bread and other pastries

    People can’t seem to get enough of baking, and that’s likely because it offers virtually endless ways to give bread and pastries a fresh take. At this point, we’re betting you’ve seen different twists on sourdoughs, doughnuts, cakes, and pizza, right? 

    The best part is that bread and pastry items make for filling snacks that can sate either sweet or savory cravings—perfect for both the kids and adults in the family!

    4. Reinvented classic favorites

    Last year has seen us turning more to our go-to comfort food, and 2021 would likely be of no difference. Food brands know this all too well, and so they keep on reinventing old favorites to add excitement to that sense of comfort and familiarity that we’ve grown accustomed to with these dishes. Who doesn’t want that?

    Take for instance CDO Idol Cheesedog. Its new formulation will give your meals a cheesy and juicy twist. Use it to make #Idolnamnam meals that the whole family can enjoy and bond over!

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