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  • 3 Important Nutrients Your Child Can Get at Breakfast

    Reach your child's daily nutritional intake with a healthy breakfast!
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
3 Important Nutrients Your Child Can Get at Breakfast
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  • Parents are constantly worrying about what their kids eat. And for a good reason. “It is essential that children receive all the nutrients they need to ensure that they grow and develop normally. Poor nutrition in childhood is difficult to make up for later in life,” according to the Dieticians Association of Australia. One way to make sure kids get their fill of nutrients for the day is to serve a nutrition-packed breakfast. Here are some that you can definitely fit into breakfast:

    1. Protein
    School kids, aged 4 and above, need up to 156g of protein a day. Protein builds, maintains and replaces the tissues in the body. It’s just what a child needs to grow strong. Having a protein-rich breakfast is also ideal because protein keeps a person feeling fuller for longer -- up until recess! Protein is found in meat, eggs, beans, soy, nuts and also dairy. One of the easiest ways to get it in the morning is with a glass of milk. Try Jolly Cow’s new Chocolate Milk that contains 7g of protein per serving. 

    Jolly Cow Chocolate Milk, 200 mL and 1 liter

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    2. Fiber
    The Food and Nutrition Board of the Institute of Medicine, endorsed by the American Academy of Pediatrics, recommends kids get aged 4 to 8 years old get 25g of fiber a day.  Fiber helps food move through the digestive system, protecting against constipation. It also helps lower blood cholesterol, prevent diabetes and fights against heart disease. It’s great for breakfast because, like protein, fiber can make your feel full for longer. Great sources of fiber in the morning are wheat bread, whole-grain rice, whole-grain cereal and oatmeal. Try a warm bowl of Quaker Instant Oatmeal that contains 2g of dietary fiber for each serving.

    Quaker Instant Oatmeal in Chocolate Flavor, 500g

    3. Vitamin C
    We always hear vitamin C as a nutrient that’s essential for kids. That’s because vitamin C helps build kids’ brains and immune systems -- meaning less missed school days because of a cold or cough. Importantly, it also helps with the absorption of iron in the body protecting from anemia and keeping your little one masigla. Kids aged 4 to 8 need 25 milligrams of it a day. Thankfully, vitamin C is easy to get in the morning thanks to its abundance in fruits, and as an extension, 100 percent fruit juices. Try Oishi Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple Juice in 250mL single-serving boxes which fulfils your child’s daily vitamin C intake.

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    Oishi Great Lakes Pure Pressed Apple Juice, 250mL

    You can also opt for Fern-C, a vitamin C supplement for kids. It’s budget-friendly at just a little over P100 per 120mL bottle.

    Fern-C Kidz, 120mL bottle


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