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  • 4 DIY Projects Perfect For The Weekend

    Check out these bonding ideas you can do with your kids!
  • Bonding is one of the simplest ways you can show your child how much you love them. It provides a sense of calm and security that allows them to have a healthy self-awareness, trust, empathy and eagerness to learn. Apart from that, if affects the way your child develops mentally, intellectually, emotionally and socially.

    You can try simple activities at home such as Mamon-It-Yourself, which are fun and tasty for you and your kids! Monde Special Mamon is deliciously made with real fresh eggs, wheat flour and milk. It's form and taste go great with almost anything - which makes it the perfect blank canvass for kitchen DIY's. Try your hand at these easy Mamon-It-Yourself recipes that almost look too good to eat!

    DIY Monde Mamon Emojis

    Show how you feel through these cool mamon emojis!

    1 Pipe store-bought icing on top of your Monde Special Mamon.

    2 Flatten with a spoon and rubber spatula and decorate with candies, candy eyes and sprinkles.

    3 Let it set for a few minutes and your Monde Mamon Emojis are ready to share!


    Mamon-It-Yourself Ala Mode

    This Mamon ala mode is perfect for a hot summer day paired with a cold milkshake. You can make it with your kids in under ten minutes!

    1 Heat your Monde Special Mamon in the microwave for 10 minutes

    2 Top warm mamon with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

    3 Drizzle melted chocolate on top and eat! 

    Here's a tip! You can also use strawberry sauce, mango cream or peaches and sugar for topping.

    Mamon-It-Yourself Strawberries and Cream Mini Cake

    Here's a cute and easy substitute to your usual birthday cake! Just get a few pieces of Monde Special Mamon, layer them with cream and frosting in between and you've got yourself a delicious mini cake! Perfect to serve as desserts or a nice treat after a couple of house chores.

    1 Spread whipped cream on top of your Monde Special Mamon

    2 Drizzle with strawberry syrup

    3 Top with another Monde Special Mamon with whipped cream

    4 Repeat steps 1, 2 and 3 until you make a three-layered Monde Special Mamon mini cake!

    Mamon-It-Yourself Celebration Greeting

    What better way to celebrate than a box full of personalized Monde Special Mamon! Use your mamon to spell out your greeting by decorating your mamon with letter!

    Spread your icing on top of your Monde Special Mamon, use as many different colors as you can!

    2 Draw letters on your mamon to form the words of your greetings.

    3 Decorate with any variety of sprinkle you like. You can also top with fruits, raisins or chocolate chips.

    Now you have a unique and personalized way to greet your family and friends during their special day. Make sure you try out these Mamon-It-Yourself activities with Monde Special Mamon! Do you have recipes and MIY activities yourself? Like our Facebook page and send in your own #mamonityourself creations!



This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Monde .