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  • 5 Breakfast Ideas That are Perfect for Active Kids

    The most important meal of the day gets an energy boost from these ideas.
  • We all know breakfast provides the energy kids need to get them through the day. After all, children are constantly playing and running around. But did you know that a breakfast loaded with energy essentials not only prepares the body for physical activities, it also boosts mental activity?

    Kids use up energy when they engage in physical activities, but the brain also needs energy for thinking and problem solving. Your child could be using it all up without you even noticing.

    If your child is active both physically and mentally, breakfast should also be an exciting part of his day. Why not try these ideas?

    1. Healthy Breakfast Fun
    Dish out colorful slices of fruits to get their energy levels up: papayas and pineapples, for example, mixed with bright citrusy oranges. Fruits rich in fiber, such as bananas, are a popular breakfast boost, too. Instead of plain slices, serve them skewered so they're easy to eat on the go. 

    2. "Rice" and Shine
    Rice is a Pinoy breakfast staple and is loaded with carbohydrates. These carbs fuel the body and the mind, making your child ready to face the day's active and mental challenges. Served with a variety of healthy ulam such as lean meats and fish (for protein) complete the energy equation. Other carb sources are bread or pan de sal.

    3. Egg-citing Energy Meals
    Aside from being an excellent source of protein, eggs can also provide calories that kids can use to stay active and alert. Instead of ordinary sunny side up or scrambled eggs, add nutritious fillings (mushrooms, cheese, potatoes) to make omelettes. You can also try serving them hardboiled or as part of an egg salad for more variety.

    4. Dairy Good
    Get your child's daily dose of dairy! Products such as cheese and yogurt can find their way to the breakfast table as supplements to a bread spread (think an assortment of cheeses; how about a bowl of yogurt with nuts and fruits? Yum!). Did you know that your little champion gets the natural goodness of milk, cocoa, and malt with every cup of MILO with Activ-GO? Serve it hot or cold so he can get his daily dose of dairy, too.

    5. Nutritious "Energy" Drink
    Supplement your child’s breakfast with nutritious energy drinks or a cup of MILO with Activ-GO. Your child's favorite chocomaltee drink has nutrients that are specifically designed with PROTOMALT, vitamins, and minerals that help energize both body and mind.

    A body and mind fortified by a healthy breakfast are exactly what your child needs for the active demands of both school and play. MILO with Activ-GO understands your child's need for winning energy on the go, so serve your little champ MILO everyday!

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with MILO.