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  • 5 Quick Breakfast Recipes for Energized Mornings

    Serve these breakfast dishes that's sure to wipe the sleep from your child's eyes
  • The 2015 school year is right around the corner. Many early mornings are ahead. Give your child that needed boost to prepare him for the long school days. These delicious recipes will keep him energized and in tip-top condition ready for learning.

    1. Splendid Scrambled Eggs

    Splendid Scrambled Eggs

    Let’s start with something simple and easy to make; the humble scrambled eggs. Scrambled eggs are great in the morning as they are packed with protein. Protein, said nutritionist Yvonne McMeel to Huffington Post, is a slow burner, and will keep your child feeling fuller for longer. Get the full recipe from yummy.ph

    2. Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal

    Apple Cinnamon Oatmeal


    Oatmeal is a carbohydrate, and carbohydrates are good for energy, said McMeel. They give your child that extra boost we mentioned earlier, and they also have B vitamins that are mood-enhancing nutrients. Everyone wants to start the day feeling optimistic and happy, and carbohydrates will help with that. Get the full recipe from yummy.ph.

    3. Baked Spanish Sardines and Eggs

    Baked Spanish Sardines and Eggs

    Eggs, again, are a good source of protein which will keep your child full. The sardines, on the other hand, contains essential brain food oils. The Omega 3 found in fish oil is important for the healthy functioning of your little learner’s brain. Get the full recipe from yummy.ph.

    4. Mini Frittata with Tinapa, Onions and Tomatoes

    Mini Frittata with Tinapa, Onions and Tomatoes

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    If you’ve got a bit of time left in the evenings and not much in the mornings, then try whipping up this frittata. When you’re done making them at night, place them in the fridge and just reheat in the morning. They require a little bit more effort but they’re really delicious, so it’s worth it. It’s got your mix of protein and fish oils as well. Get the full recipe from yummy.ph

    5. Yogurt and Granola Parfait

    Yogurt and Granola Parfait

    Here’s a healthy start to your child’s day. You’ve got a serving of carbohydrates (in the granola), yogurt, and fruit and honey for sweetness. “Don’t eat too much fruit, however,” said expert nutritionist Karen Poole to Huffington Post. “Add a dessert spoon size because while it is an antioxidant and is fantastic, the body still has to process fructose.” Serve with a peanut butter and banana sandwich on wheat bread if this isn’t filling enough for your child. Get the full recipe from yummy.ph.


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