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  • 5 Energy Boosting Foods for the Tired Parent

    Keep up with the kids with these healthy, energizing eats.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • To keep up with rambunctious kids, a parent’s energy level needs to stay up throughout the day. And that’s difficult especially when the children seem to have an endless supply of it. Keep your own stash of energy boosters (that doesn’t include chocolate bars and coffee) by stocking up on these foods: 

    1. Whole grain
    The key to energy is carbohydrates. Complex carbohydrates release glucose into the blood gradually, providing it with a steady supply of energy. They’re basically what the body uses as fuel. 

    Stay away from simple carbohydrates though, like those in cakes, cookies and tables sugar. They do spike energy but as they’re digested all too quickly they make you come crashing down afterwards. Instead, go for whole-wheat and whole-grain everything: bread, cereal, brown rice, oatmeal, quinoa and even popcorn. They’re digested more slowly which gives you steady energy and keeps you fuller for longer. 

    2. Orange juice
    Around one out of three women aren’t getting enough vitamin C, says Carol Johnston, Ph.D., assistant professor of food and nutrition at Arizona State University in the US. And that’s not good news when the body needs it for burning fat for energy. According to Johnston, if you’re running low on vitamin C, getting 200 to 300mg of it daily would be enough to make you feel more energized. 

    One glass of fresh orange juice should do the trick. Other places to get vitamin C include red and green bell peppers, kalamansi, strawberries, broccoli and papaya.

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    3. Water 
    It’s easy to forget to drink water, and that’s a bad thing when every system in the human body needs it to function. Worse, when you’re even mildly dehydrated, you can feel sluggish and fatigued. Keep drinking water, or other unsweetened beverages, throughout the day to keep you powered up. Wanna know how much water you should be drinking? Read our quick guide here

    4. Soymilk and taho
    To make you feel energized throughout the day, have a cup of soymilk or taho (provided they’re not sugar loaded) in the morning. It fuels your body with protein and gives it iron, a mineral that’s crucial in transporting oxygen via red blood cells. And as you may already know, iron deficiency can leave you feeling weak and tired. 

    Other iron rich foods include oysters, tahong (mussels), beef or chicken liver and sardines. Have a serving during lunch along with a heap of dark green leafy vegetables and a side of brown rice. 

    5. Cashews, almonds and hazelnuts 

    Protein and magnesium are responsible for breaking down the sugar (which you got from the carbs) into energy that the body can use. The nuts above are chock full of them. Grab a handful when you’re feeling low. Toss in some dried fruit for a tastier treat. 

    Other great sources of magnesium include dark leafy greens like pechay, kangkong and spinach. Some types of fish like tuna, mackerel (like galunggong) and salmon not only give you magnesium, but vitamin D and omega-3 fatty acids too. 

    Sources: WebMD, Prevention, BBC

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