5 Ways to Bring Your Family Together This Weekend

Get your family to put down their gadgets and spend some quality time together.

In this day and age, it is nearly impossible to see a kid without a smartphone or gadget in their hands. The lure of a bright, colorful, animated screen is too hard to resist for an intuitive child. Once they’ve witnessed the power of Pikachu or experienced building a virtual fort in the Minecraft world, physical activities, board games, and face-to-face interactions don't stand a chance. Even grown-ups are guilty of being, too, attached to their gadgets, texting, emailing, and checking Facebook all too often.


Kids playing with gizmos is not entirely a bad thing. They just spend way too much time with it. Turn tech time into family time by trying these fun family bonding ideas you can do this weekend.

Prepare and eat meals together

When experiences are shared, simple moments like preparing and eating meals become memorable. Create a family togetherness moment in the kitchen by creating a dish with each other—like a classic macaroni salad made with Lady's Choice Real Mayonnaise, it is creamy, delicious and easy to make.

Go on a road trip

Explore new places and take in beautiful sights by going on a road trip with your family this weekend. Whether it’s a day trip to the Masungi Georeserve or an overnight stay at a beach in Batangas, traveling together unites the family in one fun adventure. Take advantage of the long drive by doing activities like karaoke singing in the car or road trip bingo.


Play games

Board games, kiddie games, or brainy games are not only entertaining, you and your family also get to test skills and work those brain cells, too. Wear team colors, make up a cheer, and give out prizes so everyone is engaged and excited.

Take a walk

Get some fresh air at fun parks like the ones in BGC where kids can play with the interactive installations. You can go on a picnic while catching up and sharing stories about how your week days went or opt to get active and jog around.

Work on a special project

Is there a big holiday coming soon? A birthday? Start a preparing for it by making it a project with your children. Ask them for ideas (let them draw, if they want) on the theme, food, guest list, and activities they think will be fun to do on that day.

Spending quality time with the family strengthens ties and teaches kids how to communicate, listen, respect one another, and show gratitude—lessons and values they can only learn by bonding with their family. When you dedicate meaningful moments for your kids, they will appreciate the things you do for them, even the small efforts. Simple occasions like these bring families closer to each other and make us say #ThankUTogether.


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