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  • 6 Baon Ideas for Your Picky Eater

    Healthy doesn't have to be boring.
  • Moms with picky eaters face an uphill battle every day. With your little tots off to school once again, their diet could shift from nutritious home-cooked meals to unhealthy snacks kids can easily pick up from classmates or even the school canteen.

    The good news? Your kid's baon is actually the perfect opportunity to teach him about proper nutrition and healthy eating habits.

    These 6 easy (and yummy!) baon ideas combine fruits, veggies, and a nutritious drink to satisfy your picky eater's appetite and encourage your child to eat better.  Learn about them below.

    1. Rice to the occasion
    Turn the staple packed lunch of rice and ulam into a fun concoction by forming rice into balls (like Japanese onigiri) or other fun shapes. Tuck meat or vegetables inside for a tasty, healthy surprise.

    2. An "apple" a day
    Can't get your kids to eat fruits? Turn instant gelatin mixes into fruity treats by infusing it with fresh fruit juices and small fruit bits. Use fun-shaped molds to turn it into jiggly eye candy.

    3. Let them eat cake
    Why not? But instead of sugary store-bought slices, consider healthy home-baked goodies such as banana muffins or carrot cake.  Let them add their own cream cheese "frosting" for a DIY experience.

    4. All-day breakfast
    Breakfast favorites such as pancakes and waffles can transform into a delicious lunch or merienda ideas. Simply add something savory such as chicken or ham. Roll or wrap it up to make your presentation extra fun.

    5. Egg-citing options
    Serve protein-packed eggs differently: add breading to quail eggs (think healthy kwek-kwek), create egg salad cups using bread and a muffin pan, or whip up omelets with a variety of nutritious fillings such as tuna, cheese, or even minced mushroom.

    6. Dairy good
    Instead of just tossing a container of yogurt or pudding into the lunchbox, why not layer them with cereal, oats, or even crushed biscuits for fun and tasty textures? Kids can even "spread" them over cookies.

    Teaching a picky eater healthy eating habits doesn't have to end at home. Expand your child's baon and snack options by getting creative in the kitchen and making his lunchbox something to look forward to. Don’t forget to supplement these with Additional, Quality, and Important nutrients (A.Q.I), found in Aqiva, a nutritious powdered milk drink for children 4 years and older.

    For more tips on how to Fight Diet Shift and keep your child's growth and development on track, visit their official Facebook page at www.facebook.com/AqivaPH.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Aqiva.