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  • Look, They Exist: Healthy Gummy Bears and Potato Chips

    Plus 5 more healthy and locally made to-go snacks for kids
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
Look, They Exist: Healthy Gummy Bears and Potato Chips
  • What’s the best way to calm down a cranky kiddo? By whipping out a delicious snack you have stashed in your bag just for the occasion. For delicious and healthy snack options, skip the grocery aisle and shop from these local stores instead.  
    1. Gummy bears from Honest Junk

    You’ve never seen gummy bears like this before. Honest Junk’s are fat-free, gluten-free, preservative-free, low in sugar and sweetened with natural fruit juice. They even sneak malunggay into their recipe for that extra boost. Chef Tina Lagdameo, who developed the recipe, told Pepper.ph her own kids acted as taste testers. “If they didn’t like . . . the flavor, the texture or anything, I’d go back to the drawing board and start formulating again.” So you can bet they’re good too. Flavors include mandarin, calamansi, pink guava and mangosteen. Our favorite is mangosteen. 

    Honest Junk is on Instagram.

    2. Baked treats from The Little Spatula

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    It’s hard to tell what's inside packaged food from the grocery stores.  But ask The Little Spatula what their baked treats are made of, and they won’t hold back. Their Skinny Monkey Muffins, for example, are baked from whole grain oats, all-natural peanut butter, and real bananas. The Ginger Molasses Cookies are vegan and the Fudgy Brownie Bites are gluten-free, flourless, Paleo-friendly and have no refined sugar added. They’re made-to-order so you’re sure you get them fresh. 

    The Little Spatula is on Facebook and Instagram

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    3. Cocoroons from Take Root

    Take Root’s Lemon Cocoroons are made with only five ingredients: cashews, coconut, honey, lemon and vanilla. These chewy coconut cookies are also gluten-free, dairy-free and have just the right amount of sweetness. Babies love them too. 

    Take Root is on Facebook and Instagram.

    4. Yogurt from Sibika


    Sibika prides itself in making "old fashioned yogurt" that's handcrafted in small batches. All-natural and with no added preservatives, this thick and creamy delight is perfect chilled on hot days topped with fresh fruits in season. Even better, try making yogurt popsicles with the kids! Here's the recipe from Yummy.ph. 

    Sibika is on Facebook and Instagram

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    5. Chicharon-but-not-quite from JA Lees Farms

    Pork chicharon may be one of the most delicious food on the planet, but unfortunately it’s not exactly the healthiest of snacks. JA Lees Farms has an alternative with their mushroom chicharon. They’re just as crunchy and still a fantastic pair with a vinegar dipping. For on-the-go snacking, they also come in a bunch of flavors including barbecue, salted egg, honey mustard and wasabi. 

    JA Lees Farms is on Facebook and Instagram.

    6. Veggie chips from Take Root


    Wouldn’t you be so happy seeing your kiddo munching on veggies as a snack? To replace your chichirya are Kale Chips also by Take Root. Instead of being deep-fried in oil, these are dried until they’re just as satisfyingly crunchy. And no, they don’t taste like you’ve got a mouthful of leaves. Flavor options include cheese, sour cream and chives, margherita pizza, rosemary peppercorn and garlic bread.

    Take Root is on Facebook and Instagram.

    7. Potato chips from Truly Home Made Chips


    Okay, so your family is having trouble swtiching from potato chips to veggie chips. You can still go with a better potato option! Truly Home Made Chips makes, well, homemade chips. Their chips come from recently harvested local potatoes and stay crisp without the overload of preservatives. They contain less calories too than your store-bought ones. Flavors include plain salted, sour cream, barbecue, and sweet and salty. 

    Truly Home Made Chips is on Facebook and Instagram

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