• Family Budget Meal for less than Php 100: Bangus with Tausi

    On a budget? No problem. Check out this healthy Bangus recipe that’s good for a family of four for less than Php 100.
    by Jose U. Sandoval, Jr. .
  • Below is an affordable Bangus recipe for a family budget meal that costs less than Php 80. It’s also great for both adults and kids, whether for lunch or dinner.


    Bangus with Tausi


    Ingredients                                            Measurement                                Prices
    Bangus                                                 1 whole (cut into serving pieces)      P60.00
    Flour                                                     1 Small Pack                                 P5.00
    Onion                                                    2 Pieces (sliced)                            P5.00
    Water                                                   ½ Cup                                                      
    Tausi                                                    3T                                                P13.00
    Garlic                                                    3 Cloves (minced)                         P5.00
    Tomatoes                                              5 Pieces (diced)                            P10.00          

    Procedure :




    Photo from youreverywoman.blogspot.com

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