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  • Family Dessert Idea: Basket of Fruits

    Want an easy-to-prepare and healthy dessert for any meal? Mom and contributor, Irene Nicolas-Recio generously shares her recipe.
    by Irene Nicolas-Recio .
  • Fruits go perfectly with any meal. It’s refreshing and delicious, not to mention nutritious.  With a little bit of creativity and fun, make your usual fruit dessert a hit for everyone.


    basket of fruits

    You will need:
    •    1 whole watermelon
    •    1 melon
    •    half a pack of seedless grapes
    •    1 cup honey

    1.    Cut the watermelon in half (lengthwise if it is oval).  Scoop out the flesh using a fruit baller or cut it up into 1-inch squares.  Set aside the outer shell of the watermelon.  You will use this later as a serving bowl.
    2.    Cut open the melon and do the same using the fruit baller or cut the flesh into 1-inch squares.
    3.    Mix all the fruits (watermelon, melon, grapes – or whatever other fruit you fancy like strawberries, mangoes, papaya, pineapple, etc.) into the watermelon shell.  The beautiful mix of colors, tastes, and textures of the fruit make it an appealing sight.
    4.    This is best served chilled.
    5.    Before serving, top with honey.  Other dressings you may opt to use are sour cream, unflavored yogurt, or whipped cream.

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    Photography by Christian Halili

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