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  • Family Movie Night Snacks: Milk Shake, Sandwiches, and Veggies Sticks

    Want to relax and bond over the weekend? Have a family movie night at home! Here are some fun snacks for the occasion.
    by Irene Nicolas-Recio .
  • So, you’re having a movie night with the kids? It’s the perfect time to bond with the family without spending too much. Eating healthy snacks will add to the fun and excitement. Remember, homemade is better than store-bought and everything should be taken in moderation.


    Milk Shake

    milk shake 

    A creamy concoction you can serve during family movie nights is the delightful milk shake.  You can whip it up with some chocolate or strawberry sauce topped with a dollop (yes, just a dollop) of vanilla ice cream.  Smoothies are a hit as well for those milk-loving children.

    Chips and dips are perfect for those suspense-ridden flicks.  But you have to be wary of all those trans fats out there.  Thankfully, some chips come in healthier versions.  Read the labels and see which ones have less sodium, less fat, less everything, and are organic. You can even make your own guacamole dip or your own salsa to make sure that your dips are fresh and healthy.



    Sandwiches: BLT and PBA or PBB


    If you do decide on making movie night a sandwich night, there is quite a range of selections:   from your regular BLTs to PB&Js, to the clubhouse.  Ok, with all those letters in the mix, it can really be confusing.  Your BLT (bacon, lettuce, and tomato) can go well with fresh fruit juice to quench your thirst.  And instead of going for your PB&J (peanut butter and jelly) sandwich, which is high in sugar, you may opt to change the J with an A or B!  A for apple or B for banana. The fiber in the fruit and the protein in peanut butter can keep you feeling full longer.  This can be a good snack not just for movie nights, but also for any time of the day, to keep you from munching on bag after bag of chips.

    Other snacks rich in protein are nuts and granola bars.  They can be eaten alone or with some low fat yogurt or milk. 

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    Veggies Sticks

    vegetable sticks 

    If you really want to be healthy, going for a veggie night is the way to go.  Family movie night usually happens after dinner so we really have to be wary of our caloric intake.  Cut up some carrot sticks, celery, cherry tomatoes, and turnips, and serve with a host of dips to choose from.  Of course, these dips have to be healthy as well.  There are low fat and low calorie dips available in the market, or you can opt to use some low fat cottage cheese, low fat yogurt, or low fat sour cream as your veggie dips.  You can also use different kinds of salad dressings or vinaigrette to complement your vegetable platter.  Better yet, you can just munch on the veggie sticks without the added calories of a dip.


    Tip: Serve your vegetables with a little bit of cheese and crackers on the side and a sprinkling of raisins to add a savory and textured dimension to your veggie platter.



    For more movie night snack ideas, check out Family Movie Night: Tips + Homemade Popcorn, Pizza, and Ice Cream Sandwich


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