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  • How To Get Kids To Eat Their Veggies: Ampalaya, Squash and Eggplant

    Having problems with getting your kids to eat veggies? Some real cooking moms share with us what they did to overcome the problem of feeding veggies to their kids.
    by Julian Vorpal .
  • ampalayaAre your kids picky eaters?  Is it a bloody struggle to get them to eat vegetables?  Don’t worry because we’ve talked to three cooking moms on fun and interesting ways to convince your children to eat the challenging vegetable trio: ampalaya, eggplant and squash.

    Jane De Leon
    Mother to Santiago, 23, Sergio, 21, Miguel, 20 and Marco, 17.  Jane is currently a student of the Center for Family Ministries (CEFAM) and the former owner/manager of a fast food outlet called Good Stuff.

    Her Veggies: Squash, Ampalaya and Eggplant
    Diningding is a veggie stew that my kids like to eat.



    •    1 tablespoon olive oil
    •    2 cloves garlic, crushed
    •    1/3 cup bagoong
    •    4 cups water
    •    4 tomatoes, chopped
    •    1 onion, finely chopped
    •    1 thumb-sized ginger, crushed
    •    1 cup squash, cubed
    •    1 bundle sting beans, cut into 2-inch long pieces
    •    5 pieces okra, halved
    •    1 ampalaya, halved and sliced
    •    1 eggplant, cut into 2-inch long pieces
    •    1 cup, dried shrimp (hibe)
    •    1 whole tilapia or bangus, fried or grilled

    Heat olive oil, then sauté garlic and bagoong for 3 minutes. Strain. In a saucepan, bring the water to a boil. Add the strained bagoong, tomatoes, onion, ginger and squash.


    When squash is half-cooked, add the sitaw, okra, and ampalaya. Do not stir. Cover and cook for 5 minutes. Add the eggplant and dried shrimp. Cover and cook until done. Add the fish on top, and cook until heated through.

    As kids grow up, you have to introduce them to different kinds of vegetables.  Serving it at home and watching you eat it will make them realize it’s good.


    Click here for another ampalaya, squash and eggplant recipe: Tempura Style Veggies.

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