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  • Your Ultimate Guide for Choosing the Best Lunch Box for Kids

    Read this if you're planning on shopping for your child's lunch box, lunch container and water bottle.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .
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    Have you ticked all the boxes on your child’s back-to-school shopping list? If you’re still on the lookout for a lunch box, lunch container or a water bottle, here are a few tips to help you find the perfect one. 

    Lunch box

    1. Structured 
    A structured frame will ensure that whatever you pack your kid, be it fruits or sandwiches, will not end up a mashed up mess. It will also have a better chance of making it though the school year, especially with all the rough and tumble your child’s sure to get into. 

    2. Built-in insulation

    If your child eats better if his food is warm, this will be an important factor to look for when buying him a lunchbox. 

    3. Easy to clean
    Leaks happen no matter how carefully you pack. So choose a lunchbox with an inside liner that’s plastic or smooth vinyl that makes it easy to wipe down with wet wipes or cloth; it's even better if it's machine-washable. Smells don’t stick very easily to these as well because don’t want to be smelling yesterday’s lunch ulam for the rest of the school year.  

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    Lunch container

    1. Airtight and leak-proof
    This is basically a must for lunch containers to be used by kids, especially if you plan on packing him saucy dishes or even ones with soup. Make sure, however, that the container is easy to open and close. An airtight container is useless if your child won’t be able to seal it properly. Bring him when you buy one so he can test opening and with his own fingers. 

    2. BPA-free
    Many studies have shown the ill-effects of plastics made with the compound bisphenol A (BPA). It’s been shown to cause cancer, early puberty and complications in children’s brain, behavior and prostate glands. Check the container for a BPA-free label before buying. 

    A better option for older kids would be stainless steel, glass or porcelain containers. These are also easier to clean as they don’t stain as easily or trap odors as plastic does. 

    3. Size
    Of course you have to make sure that the lunch container fits inside the lunch box. The amount of food your child eats should also be a consideration. An unnecessarily big and heavy lunch container will just be a bother for your child to carry around.  

    4. Sections
    Having sections is great if you want to pack your child more than one ulam, like a main dish and a side of vegetables for example. There are also lunch containers with removable sections so you can customize your container depending on the food. 

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    Water bottle

    1. Insulated
    If you want to keep your child’s drink cold (or warm) look for an insulated water bottle. The best to pick would be ones made from stainless steel as they are lighter and are safer than plastics. They could be a little more expensive but they can be great investments too. 

    2. Leakproof
    As the water bottle will hold liquid, being leak-proof is very important. You don’t want your child coming home every day with a wet lunchbox because his water spilled (again). 

    3. Size
    A jug of water can be pretty heavy for a small child. Buy one with your child’s age and size in mind. If you feel he needs to drink more water than his water bottle can contain, there’s always the option of having your child refill his bottle at the school’s water fountain. 

    Sources: Good Housekeeping, The Sweethome 

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