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  • We've seen them eat durian. Now the American kids from the REACT Youtube channel are trying dinuguan! Yes, they took a bite of the Filipino dish made of pork's blood, vinegar and garlic. They didn't know that when they tried it though.

    Their first impression of the stew wasn't very promising. Sydney, a young girl, likened it to sewage. (To be fair, it is black in appearance.) Dominick, a young boy, said it all by turning his back to the bowl of dinuguan and getting up to leave! 

    Actually eating it was a different story. With a small portion on a plate over some white rice, quite unsurprisingly, they liked it! It is pork, after all. They were a little apprehensive at first but after a few chews there were comments like “Hey, that tastes good” and “I think I like it.” 

    Dominick, now back on his chair, gave his stamp of approval with an assured, “It's good.” He even shared a bit of wisdom he learned over the years. “A lot of the times when I think they look bad, they're good.” Royel, another boy, even gave it a 10 out of 10. A lot of them got it right that they were eating meat too.

    But, when the reveal came that they were actually eating pork blood, some quickly switched sides. “I'm not sure about eating this now,” said bid kid Jacob. There were also comments of “weird”, “eew” and “gross.” But in the end, five kids still said they recommend other people try dinuguan, while only three recommended against it. We wonder what Filipino dish they’ll try next. 

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