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  • WATCH: American Kids Try Filipino Food Like Balut and Taho!

    We personally feel the kids need to be given the right taho. Plea for a take two for this childhood favorite.
    by Jillianne E. Castillo .

  • So, WatchCut Video on Youtube took a bunch of kids once again, and this time made them try Filipino food (some of our favorites, by the way) -- dilis, dinuguan, balut and taho. 

    A lot of the kids seemed familiar with the Philippines, at least one girl said her mom was Pinoy and a boy who said he was born in the country (we know because after asking him to try dinuguan, he replied, "I know I was born in the Philippines, but I ain't eating that"). We particularly liked one little boy (in black top) who tried everything on the table and, at one point, declared, "I'm Filipino." For dilis (which we think is actually tuyo, Cut crew), he took a bite and said, "A fish head. Interesting."

    And once again, top spot for tastiest dish is dinuguan (watch the REACT kids try it here). "I don't know why but it kind of tastes good," says the young girl with a Filipino mom.

    And the dish that got the most animated reactions was, of course, the very foreign balut. While the rest were having none of it, our favorite little boy was quite calm, saying, "Egg, I think? Does it hatch?" Adorable! He tried it, too, and said he liked it. Too cute. 

    We were hopeful they would like taho but instead of making it like how we Pinoys enjoy it -- consisting of soy, sugar syrup and tapioca -- Cut went with tofu, tapioca and milk, which has no sweetness to it at all! No wonder the kids didn't like it!
    Do a part 2, Cut, and add dishes like adobo, sinigang and champorado!

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