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  • Andipops: A Nutritious and Fun Baby Snack and Teether

    Baby feeding can be a challenge. Want a different kind of baby treat that’s fun and nutritious? Contributor and mom Irene Recio shares this recipe that also doubles as a natural teether for your child.

    by SmartParenting Staff .
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    My daughter is fondly called Andipops, among a lot of other endearing nicknames. And if your baby is like my baby, so curious and alert, I had to jazz things up a bit in feeding her. As a baby, she wanted texture, variation, and flavor while I kept it healthy and nutritious. Baby feeding is no joke. You have to find the right balance to create a nutritious and fun baby snack.

    Baby food is usually pureed or mashed. When feeding fruits to your baby, even to older babies of eight to 12 months, some pureeing or mashing or sieving is usually involved. But how far can you go with these mushy fruits with your little one? 


    Babies Are Fascinated With Ice
    I noticed that Andi loves frozen water—ice!  She loved (and still does!) playing with it and popping it in her mouth as she learned to grasp things. It’s also a natural teether to soothe those baby gums. So I thought of making a more fun icicle for her to explore.



    Major Ingredients: Fruit and Unflavored Yogurt
    You will need one cup of fruit puree and one cup of unflavored creamy yogurt. There are a lot of flavored yogurts in the supermarket to choose from, but making your own is just more fun.  Fruits that you can use for the fruit puree are mangoes, strawberries, Lacatan
    bananas, papaya or whatever other fruit your baby loves. Just make sure that they’re nice and ripe, sweet and not too sour. It will all depend on your child’s taste preferences.

    • First, you will have to mash the fruit or let it pass through a blender or food processor until you have a smooth consistency.
    • Pour in the yogurt and blend well.
    • Pour the mixture in ice cube trays and freeze. 
    • After a few hours you have your Andipops ready for your little one! 


    Nutritive Value and Storage Tip
    This nutritious and fun baby snack is perfect for older babies and, aside from the nutritive value that your choice of fruit offers, yogurt is a good source of calcium, protein, and vitamins B6 and B12. As I mentioned earlier, it’s also a healthy and natural teether for your baby, soothing her gums and cooling them down. I usually put the ice cubes in a plastic container that is covered well to prevent baby’s food from being contaminated with the other frozen items in the freezer.

    Happy baby feeding!


    NOTE: Make sure that you supervise your child closely when eating icicle pops and keep the size of the icicle pop manageable to prevent any incident of choking.

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