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  • Baon Idea: Fruits in Gelatin (for your Big Kid)

    Mom and Food Talk contributor Almira Go shares a fruity ba-on recipe your child is sure to love.

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    Baon Idea: Fruits in Gelatin


    If your kid doesn’t like fruits and veggies, this is something that will interest him. My kids love fruit salad but since they can't bring that for ba-on this is an alternative that I came up with.


    What you’ll need


    • 2 medium sized bananas (preferably lacatan)
    • 1 large apple
    • 2 peaches
    • canned pineapples (chunks or diced)
    • 1 box unflavored gelatin




    1. Cut the fruits into bite size pieces.
    2. Prepare the gelatin according to package instructions.
    3. Pour the gelatin into a shaped mold if you prefer.
    4. While still liquid but not hot, pour the fruits into the gelatin.
    5. Cool until ready. Remove from mold and put in your child’s lunch box.


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