Brilliant (But Simple) Ways to Impress Your Biyenan When She Comes Over

No need to panic about what to serve her or what to do while she's around.

Fact: Some mothers-in-law are harder to please than others. But as long as you push the right buttons, making your biyenan happy can be a walk in the park. Here are some easy ways on how to do just that:

Always remember her birthday. ALWAYS.

Make her feel that she holds a special place in your heart. Give her a present, too; get her something that's related to her hobbies and interests. You also can't go wrong with a gift certificate to her favorite spa.

Use the gifts she gives you.

Remember that new set of curtains she gave you last Christmas? Make sure to put them up the next time she comes over. It shows that you put her presents to high regard.

Keep your home clean at all times.

Nothing can turn off a mother-in-law more than an untidy house. She didn't let go of her son only for him to live in an unkempt space, right? Make sure your floors are spotless. Use this as a guide and don't forget to clean any of the items on the list.

Designate a guest room for when she wants to spend the night.

If space allows it and you have a spare room, it wouldn't hurt to keep it ready for when your mother-in-law decides to spend the night. If you want to be comfortable in her presence, don't be afraid to do the same.

Impress her with your cooking.

For starters, stock up on delicious, easy-to-prepare foods like Purefoods Corned Beef and Luncheon Meat. These can also be paired with favorites such as spaghetti, sandwiches, and sinangag plus omelet for a hearty breakfast.

After all, breakfast is the most important part of the day, and for sure your mother-in-law will appreciate that you've learned how to prepare a proper almusalIt's also one way to remind her that that her son and her grandkids are in good hands and are sure to be full before tackling the day ahead.


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This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with Purefoods.