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  • We Made Noche Buena Menus That Start at P2,500 + A Shopping List!

    by Yummy.ph Team .
We Made Noche Buena Menus That Start at P2,500 + A Shopping List!
PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno
  • There's a perfect Noche Buena for everyone, no matter what you're craving or how much your budget is. We've put together three delicious options for you to choose from, and each has our tried-and-tested recipes, plus a detailed grocery list you can refer to (the dishes are good for 4 people).

    With this plan in hand, you can set aside your budget as early as now for a Christmas night to remember. 

    All-Filipino Noche Buena for less than P2,500

    This isn't just a selection of Filipino dishes—these are the dishes you can't eat every day but wind up thinking about throughout the next year. You don't need to spend a fortune for something unforgettably tasty.

    Photo by Patrick Martires

    Squid Ink Pancit Bihon

    You can have normal pancit any time of the year, but this pancit recipe, rich with delicious squid ink, pushes it to the top. Get the recipe.



    This fried chicken recipe is buttered and served with a butter gravy, too.
    Photo by Bianca Laxamana

    Pinoy-Style Butter Chicken

    This no-fail fried chicken recipe is sure to be a hit. Who doesn't love good fried chicken? Get the recipe.


    Photo by Patrick Martires

    Filipino Kare-Kare

    Kare-Kare is one of those difficult, effort-laden dishes that, when done well, is well worth the effort. Get the recipe.

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    Humba is a pork dish in a soy sauce-based sauce that's sweetened.
    Photo by Karishma Etong


    You'll love this sweet and savory dish: not only does it taste great, but it's good for your wallet, too. Did you know that pork knuckles are ridiculously affordable? Get the recipe.


    Photo by Bianca Laxamana

    Queso De Bola Cheesecake

    Cap off the night with a classic dessert with a Filipino twist. Use part of your staple Queso de Bola stash to make this unique, scrumptious cheesecake for dessert. Get the recipe.

    All-Filipino Noche Buena Grocery List for P2,447+

    • White onion (250 g), P22.50
    • Garlic (250 g), P26.25
    • Red onion (250 g), P36
    • Carrots (250 g), P33
    • CeleryÂÂ (250 g), P60
    • Cabbage (500 g), P72
    • Green onion (35 g), P19.35
    • Calamansi (250 g), P30
    • Chili/Siling Labuyo (250 g), P176.50
    • Eggplants (250 g), P36
    • Pechay (500 g), P48
    • Squid (250 g), P109.50
    • Tripe (250 g), P47.50
    • Beef shanks (500 g), P163.50
    • Pork knuckles (1000 g), P92
    • Bihon (500 g), P33
    • Garlic powder (30 g), P20.15
    • Onion powder (30 g), P22
    • Oregano (10 g), P18
    • Annatto Seeds (40 g), P28.75
    • Peppercorns (50 g), P37
    • Wood-ear mushrooms (20 g), P19.80
    • Banana blossoms (40 g), P21.50
    • Bagoong (250 g), P71
    • Peanuts (250 g), P64.75
    • Broth cubes (2 pcs), P13.65
    • Large eggs (6 pcs), P54.50
    • Butter (2 225-g bars), P195
    • Fresh milk (250 ml), P20.75
    • Cream cheese (3 227-g blocks), P372.75
    • Queso de bola (350 g), P215
    • All-purpose flour (500 g), P41.75
    • Baking powder (50 g), P12.25
    • Crushed graham crackers (200 g), P35.50
    • Cashews (120 g), P134.50
    • Rice flour (500 g), P42.50


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    Classic Noche Buena for less than P3,000

    If you're looking for a traditional Noche Buena feast that has all the Christmas staples, then this meal plan is just for you! Go classic with ham, queso de bola, and other homey classics made even tastier.

    Photo by Riell Santos

    Meatball Spaghetti

    Every Noche Buena spread deserves a platter of pasta, right? Go classic with the spaghetti and meatball combo this year with this pasta recipe. Use Christmas staple Queso de Bola instead of Parmesan for a simple Pinoy twist on this Italian classic. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Rico Jose

    Potato Salad with Nachos

    The popular potato salad side dish is given a crunchy twist with crushed nachos. It makes a world of difference in both taste and texture. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

    Southern-Style Fried Chicken

    Fried chicken is so good that we can eat it all year and still love it by Christmas. Fried chicken is love. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Miguel Nacianceno

    Sweet Ham with Pineapple Sauce

    Treat your holiday ham with the sweet loving it deserves with a classic sauce made with pineapples. What Noche Buena spread can be without it? Get the recipe.


    Photo by Patrick Martires

    Fruit Salad Refrigerator Cake

    You can make this easy and delicious cake in advance to give you some me-time! Get the recipe.

    Classic Noche Buena Grocery List Worth P2,892+

    • Fresh milk (250 ml), P20.75
    • Spaghetti noodles (450 g), P31.50
    • Olive oil (450 g), P266.40
    • Crushed tomatoes (400 g), P41
    • Oregano (10 g), P18
    • Ground pork (250 g), P49.75
    • Ground beef (250 g), P73.75
    • Queso de bola (350 g), P215
    • Parsley (40 g), P18
    • Cloves (27 g), P93
    • Yogurt (250 g), P66
    • Fried chicken seasoning (25 g), P47.05
    • Fried chicken parts (500 g), P75
    • Apricot jam (340 g), P199.95
    • Pear-shaped ham (800 g), P205
    • Paciencia or Eggnog cookies (130 g), P24.50
    • Gulaman powder (90 g), P53.55
    • Fruit cocktail (822 g), P69.75
    • Maraschino cherries (280 g), P118.50
    • Nata de coco (340 g), P43.75
    • Kaong (340 g), P62.75
    • Cream cheese (227 g), P124.25
    • Garlic (400 g), P42
    • Large eggs (6), P 54.50
    • Icing Sugar (250 g), P35
    • Breadcrumbs (500 g), p79
    • White onion (250 g), P22.50
    • Basil (40 g), P16
    • Butter (100 g), P43
    • All-purpose flour (500 g), P41.75
    • All-purpose cream (250 g), P55
    • Vanilla flavor (30 g), P43.25
    • Potatoes (750 g), P135
    • Cheese spread (220 g), P80.25
    • Mayonnaise (80 g), P28.80
    • Salsa (453 g), P160.50
    • Sweet corn (425 g), P12.75
    • Black beans (100 g), P56
    • Corn chips (150 g), P56
    • Cilantro (20 g), P13.50
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    Grand Noche Buena Spread for less than P4,000

    When else can we have enough motivation and time to make these supremely delicious dishes? The Christmas season is an excuse to cook your favorites, even if it will cost you a little more than you would normally spend.

    Lengua with Three-Mushroom Sauce

    The tender lengua's umami is given life by a variety of mushrooms. It's a classic dish that's deceptively intimidating. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Patrick Martires

    Chicken Bolognese Lasagna

    It's got two of your Christmas spread requirements: chicken and pasta! Everybody's going to dig into this dish. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Majoy Siason

    Lechon Macau

    Yes, you can have perfect, flavorful lechon Macau that's doable at home. It's perfect to cook this Christmas to serve to family and friends without needing to go out. Get the recipe.


    Photo by Lilen Uy

    Chocolate Tablea Torte

    Tablea is a must at every Pinoy Christmas, so we can't pass up the chance to have it this season! Why not have it in a delicious, fun way as part of this dessert? Get the recipe.

    Grand Noche Buena Grocery List Worth P3,645+

    • Ox tongue (500 g), P249.50
    • Butter (225 g), P97.50
    • White onion (250 g), P22.50
    • Garlic (250 g), P26.25
    • Shiitake (284 g), P38.75
    • Button mushrooms (198 g), P36
    • White button mushrooms (125 g), P110
    • Oyster mushrooms (50 g), P42
    • All-purpose cream (500g), P110
    • Broth cubes (2 pcs), P13.65
    • Liquid seasoning (130 ml), P43
    • Sage (10 g), P54.75
    • Brandy (350 ml), P46.50
    • Olive oil (250 g), P148
    • Zucchini (150 g), P27
    • Chicken breast (500 g), P84.50
    • Tomato pesto (130 g), P300
    • Diced tomatoes (800 g), P91
    • Basil (20 g), P8
    • Lasagna noodles (500 g), P127
    • Mozzarella cheese (490 g), P400
    • Pork belly (1000 g), P329
    • Ginger (100 g), P16.40
    • FiveÂspice powder (20 g), P8.80
    • Large eggs (12), P86
    • Brown sugar (1000 g), P58
    • Dutch-pressed cocoa powder (250 g), P106.50
    • Cashews (360 g), P403.50
    • Tablea (150 g), P105
    • Corn syrup (355 g), P80.95
    • Whipping cream (1000 ml), P374

    Are you ready for Christmas? We are! With this as guide, you're all set to have a memorable and delicious Noche Buena.

    * Pantry staples such as patis, vinegar, soy sauce, white sugar, salt, pepper, and oil have been excluded from the grocery lists.

    ** Queso de Bola was used as a substitute for Parmesan cheese to save on cost and give the dishes an extra festive flair.



    This story originally appeared on Yummy.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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