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  • Chocolate Or Caramel? Treat Your Kid To Both With This Snack (Just P60 A Pack!)

    Have you and your kids tried the "browniescotch"?
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Chocolate Or Caramel? Treat Your Kid To Both With This Snack (Just P60 A Pack!)
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  • Food is a love language a lot of Filipino families understand. Moms like us often show our love and affection for our hubbies and kids by serving delightful dishes the whole family can share.

    But a delicious dessert is on a different level on its own.

    A sweet treat can often feel like a reward — and not just for kids, but for us, parents, too. There’s nothing more heartwarming than seeing your children smiling and happy as they munch on a delightfully delicious snack.

    If you’re looking for a ready-to-eat snack for merienda or recess break from online classes that can also double as a dessert, how about trying this unique brownie-butterscotch treat from Filipino brand Super Delights?

    The Super Delights Browniescotch is a bite-sized pastry that combines two favorite baked confections: the chocolate fudge brownie and the caramel butterscotch.

    The result? A moist, chewy dessert that both chocolate and caramel lovers won't be able to resist! It’s so yummy that you’ll probably get a sweet, adorable kiss in return!

    Aside from the soft chocolate and butterscotch layered cakes, the Browniescotch also contains premium chocolate and caramel chips, giving this delightful snack that sweet crunch that kids are sure to enjoy.

    Each Browniescotch is individually packaged, so moms can definitely keep their family’s sweet tooth in check. It's bite-sized happiness! Some of the best things truly do come in small, but yummy-filled packages.

    Super Delights Browniescotch comes in packs of 20, and retails for PHP60 (SRP) per package. That’s about PHP3 per piece — truly affordable and budget-friendly! It’s also now available online and through various supermarkets, grocery stores, and convenience stores nationwide.

    You and your family can enjoy the Browniescotch in many ways:

    • As a sweet snack during your kids’ breaks when learning at home
    • As something to nibble on when having coffee or tea with the hubby
    • As a delightful dessert after the end of a meal
    • Or even topped with vanilla ice cream as a weekend treat

    The next time you’re at the grocery store or the supermarket, make sure to drop by the snack aisle and pick up a pack — or two — of Super Delights Browniescotch.

    For more #SnackakaInLove snacks and treats, follow Super Delights on Facebook and Instagram.

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