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  • Creamy Fruit Tarts

    Enjoy spoonfuls of fruity goodness with a touch of cream, sugar and graham crackers. Perfect for Noche Buena.
  • creamy fruit tarts


    •    1 pack NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream, chilled
    •    1 bar cream cheese, softened
    •    ¼ cup confectioner’s sugar
    •    1 cup crushed Graham crackers
    •    ¼ cup melted butter
    •    ¼ cup brown sugar
    •    fresh pears, sliced thinly
    •    seedless grapes, halved

    You go mom!
    In a small bowl, combine crushed Graham crackers with melted butter and brown sugar. Press onto the bottom of single-serve glass containers. Set aside.
    Whip together chilled NESTLÉ All Purpose Cream with cream cheese and confectioner’s sugar.


    For the kids: Arrange pear slices on top of the prepared Graham cracker crust.

    Spread about 1-2 tbsp of the cream mixture on top.

    For the kids: Top with halved grapes.

    Pipe more whipped cream on top if desired. Chill for 4 hours before serving.

    Photography by Ocs Alvarez
    Food Styling by Belle Alvarez

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