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  • This Baunan Hack Makes It Easy to Do Portion Control and Snack Smart

    If you think the family is indulging too much, this is for you.
    by Kitty Elicay .
This Baunan Hack Makes It Easy to Do Portion Control and Snack Smart
PHOTO BY Rough Diamond/Facebook
  • Looking to make something better or more convenient has gotten easier thanks to moms who share their awesome hacks online. Take your baon hacks for example that you sent us. We loved it and shared it with our readers. In response, many of you asked not just about the menu planning, but even the baunan used. You wondered where you could find one with dividers already so it was easy to portion food (you can find it here), but some found it a bit expensive. So we did a quick search and, lo and behold, stumbled upon a baunan hack that you use for your children’s meals!

    This nifty hack was shared by Facebook user Rough Diamond, and it’s a an affordable and easy way to make packing your child’s school snacks or lunch more interesting. It involves a giant ice cube tray and a plastic container with snap-down locks.

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    What they did was they found an ice cube tray that could fit inside the lunch box (you may want to consider trimming the sides to make the tray fit). The upside is you can use the baunan for grab-and-go snacks when you travel. Each of of your child can have one of his own, and you get to control the portioning so no overindulging on potato chips (for everybody!). You can even continue it at home. If you want to make it even more fun, you can use different molds in various shapes like stars, hearts, apples, etc!


    Love this idea? Show us your baon hacks below or send via our Facebook!

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