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  • Don't Take This for Granted When Prepping Baon for Your Kids

    There's more to packing your kids' (and also your hubby's) baon—the container is important, too!
Don't Take This for Granted When Prepping Baon for Your Kids
  • Preparing packed meals and drinks for your family requires more than just meal planning and food prep. Other than saving money, where you'll put your family's baon should be a major consideration. 

    Think of their health and safety when choosing their baunan. You may be shelling out more for quality food and drink containers now, but would you rather put your family's health at risk in the near future? 

    Ask yourself these questions when selecting food and drink containers for your kids and hubby:

    Is it safe?

    If the food or drink container has plastic, is it BPA-free? Exposure to Bisphenol A can cause certain cancers, among other health problems. BPA can leach into food and drinks through activities such as reheating food and washing containers with strong detergents. 

    Can it keep food and drinks warm or cold for a long time?

    It's best to bring your own baon and drinks wherever you go to save money and ensure that what you're ingesting is safe. Opt for stainless-steel bottles that prevent harmful carcinogens from leaching into drinking water. The same goes for lunch boxes.

    The insulating property of stainless-steel containers and bottles can keep food and drinks cold or hot for several hours. That's great for your child who goes to soccer practice after school and your hubby who enjoys hot coffee and even some hearty soup at the office.

    Is it durable?

    Go for food and drink containers with a stainless-steel casing. Stainless steel does not get cracked or shattered when dropped onto hard surfaces (Clumsy kids and hubby? No worries!). Other containers that easily form cracks can also easily attract dirt and bacteria that you sure don't want to be present in your family's food and drinks.

    Is it convenient? 

    Another benefit of stainless steel is it's also lighweight and easy to carry, compared to glass containers. Bringing baon to school and work doesn't have to be a burden.

    Tiger Philippines offers insulated food containers and drinking bottles that are made from BPA-free plastic sealed in stainless-steel casing. Their microwavable containers have a vacuum-insulated stainless double wall to keep food and drinks warm or cold for as long as six hours.

    Some lunch kits also come with an exclusive bag with a wide strap so you can easily carry your baon around.

    Tiger products are available at Lazada Philippines.

This article was created by Summit Storylabs in partnership with TIger.