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6 Easy Palaman Recipes Your Kids Will Love for Merienda
PHOTO BY Courtesy of Yummy.ph
  • Palaman or sandwich spreads are not meant to be hard to make! They are mostly no-cook recipes since the meats are either already cooked or canned and ready to eat. From canned tuna to leftover roasted chicken that you either slice or shred, merienda can be a fast and easy meal to make if you make these sandwich fillings in advance.

    Use a spoon and stuff these between sandwich slices for an instant meal or take it one step further and toast the bread slices (kids love a bit of a crunchy!) with or without the filling inside for a warm, melty bite. Whichever route you take when you or your kids get hungry, these sandwich fillings are going to stave off the hunger before dinner time.

    Here are 6 sandwich palaman recipe ideas you should make and then store in case you and your kids need a quick snack during the day:


    1 Cheesy Mushroom Sandwich Recipe

    Raid your kitchen for canned mushrooms, your favorite cheese, and bread, and you can have a super delicious and umami-packed sandwich that takes minutes to put together. Find the full recipe here.

    2 Ham and Cheese Sticks Recipe


    Ham and cheese sandwich is a favorite because it's sweet and savory with a fantastic complimentary texture, too. It's easy to make, too, but why not add a touch of fun by slicing it into strips rather than the usual half. It's not only easier to place into your mouth, but it's also kid-friendly, too. Find the full recipe here and other variations of the ham and cheese sandwich here and here.

    3 Whole Wheat Chicken Club Sandwich Recipe


    Who will say no to a good 'ol club sandwich, right? But what is already delicious can also be good for you, too. Whole wheat contains more of the bran from the wheat plant, so you not only get a sandwich that is bursting with flavors from the chicken salad you stuffed into it, you and your kids also get a heartier, more filling sandwich, too, that's just as delicious as one made with white slices. Find the full recipe here, and other variations of the club sandwich here and here.

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    4 Easy Egg Salad Recipe

    PHOTO BY Majoy Siason

    How easy can it be to boil eggs? Very easy since there is little you need to do other than watch the time and peel the eggs once they're ready. Then, just add mayonnaise, a touch of hot sauce for a little flavored heat and an umami bomb in the form of roasted sesame dressing. It's the sesame that will make it irresistible, but it's the eggs that will make it totally doable. Find the full recipe here, or try the egg salad recipe with bacon here.

    5 Creamy Tuna and Cucumber Sandwich Spread Recipe


    The creamy tuna filling of this classic sandwich is a tried and tested one that you can use for more than one recipe. Canned tuna, drained, is mixed with creamy and lemony mayonnaise, a little tangy mustard, and some salt and pepper. Simple? Oh, yes! And super yummy, too! It can also double as a vegetable dip. Cucumbers make the best dippers and pairs well with tuna, so it's just right that slices of the green vegetable are stuffed right in with the tuna spread. Find the full recipe here.

    6 Grilled Three-Cheese Pimiento Recipe


    There are just so many ways to make grilled cheese sandwiches, from the type of cheese you can love to the kind of bread you want to use. You don't need to make it too simple but do aim for tasty with this easy three-cheese version of the cheese pimiento spread you may have enjoyed as a kid. Your kids will find it hard to say no to this one, too! Find the full recipe here.

    No matter how long the day may be, you'll be glad you prepared (or can easily make) any of these sandwiches. You're meant to keep these palamans stocked so you can always be ready to satisfy that niggling hunger whenever it should strike.

    This story originally appeared on Yummy.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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