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  • 5 Easy Ways to Hack Breakfast So It Doesn't Have to Be Scrambled Eggs Again

    A mom shares her hacks to make super fast, easy, and even "sosy-looking" breakfast for her family
    by Dedet Reyes Panabi .
5 Easy Ways to Hack Breakfast So It Doesn't Have to Be Scrambled Eggs Again
  • I am not a morning person (yes, even after having two kids). It takes all my working brain power to get the kids ready for school. But I also love a good breakfast and brunch — in that alternate reality where I am a domestic goddess who lives in a vineyard in France (hey, I can dream right?), I serve freshly baked bread with flavored butter and a sausage platter. Not, er, scrambled or fried egg and pandesal. 

    But I found a happy, realistic compromise: a way to hack breakfast so I do most of the prepwork at night and the recipes naturally look beautiful. I mean seriously flatlay-ready, Instagram-worthy beautiful. The fact you maybe spent 20 minutes on them and can say, “Oh, this?! It’s nothing!” makes you 100 times more impressive.

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    #1 Make assorted "cupcakes."
    Prepare your favorite pancake mix (or make it from scratch) and split the batter into three or four bowls. Now it’s time to get creative with sweet or savory ingredients.


    You can try:

    • cheese and corn
    • jam or dried fruit
    • bananas and nuts or peanut butter (great way to use overripe bananas!)
    • ham or sausage
    • bacon and chives

    Everything I’ve listed is already in your pantry, but you can also use fancy cheeses or make mini versions of your favorite cakes. Pour the batter into cupcake trays and bake according to package instructions. You can make this ahead and serve for breakfast, baon or merienda. Since you’ve made assorted flavors in one go, hindi nakakasawa

    This makes a really easy party dish, too! Just use pretty cupcake liners and change the ingredients to suit the occasion. Make savory cupcakes and serve with sausages and wine for a brunch with friends or make sweeter kid-friendly versions for a playgroup.

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    #2 Do healthy with overnight oats.
    I used to make overnight oats for myself when I was on a diet (watch how to below how to make one), but my kids liked it too! For me, it’s win-win — it’s healthy and all I have to do in the morning is stick a spoon in a mason jar and voila, breakfast is served.

    One tip: just let the kids prepare their own overnight oats. Less work for you, and they get to pick what they really want. Just add fresh fruits in the morning, so they don’t get brown and soggy. 

    Do you need a mason jar? It helps. It looks better, you can layer the ingredients, so the ones that get soggier faster are on top, and the kids can bring it into the car when you’re running late. But a bowl works, too.

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    #3 Instead of an omelette, try egg quiche.
    Sure, you can make scrambled eggs or omelettes, but baking an egg quiche the night before is so much easier. You just pour all the ingredients into a dish, turn on the oven or turbo broiler, and start watching that drama series. Yay!

    What if you don’t have a quiche dish? Use a small casserole, but don’t overfill it — if you put too much egg, it takes forever to cook, so the top layer burns (especially if you added cheese) before the inside’s cooked. For me, just get the quiche dish: it’s cheap at department stores, and you can also use it to make mac and cheese or other baked lunches in baon portions.

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    #4 Pizza for breakfast? Oh, yes.
    Even the pickiest eaters won’t say no to pizza for breakfast! Just slice French bread, spread instant pizza or spaghetti sauce, add toppings and quickmelt cheese, and then bake in the toaster oven.


    Aside from the obvious toppings like ham and pineapple or salami, try sardines, canned tuna, corned beef, or even leftover adobo. After all, what doesn’t taste good with cheese?

    And don’t think you always need to use pizza or spaghetti sauce! I also use instant pesto with fresh tomato slice (and extra cheese — yum!), or Spanish sardines in oil.

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    #5 Give your instant noodles to shine.
    I know moms who forbid it for kids, but for grown-ups? Instant noodles is a craving and a really easy breakfast option when you're in a rush.


    I love instant noodles and a little more kembot in the kitchen can make it so much more special. You can add :

    • sliced boiled eggs, toasted garlic, and spring onion
    • ramen egg (soft-boiled egg marinated overnight in soy sauce and mirin)
    • seaweed strips and/or furikake, a Japanese seasoning often sprinkled over rice but can also be used on soups and eggs (it’s made of seaweed, bonito, sesame seeds and comes in different variants and can be found in Japanese or Korean groceries)
    • vegetables like bokchoy, bean sprouts, finely chopped carrots, leeks
    • flaked chicken or pork (usually leftovers from dinner), fried tofu, crushed chicharon, or pre-cooked mushrooms
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