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    There’s that familiar feeling again. Have you noticed how the nights are getting colder but the people seem so much warmer with the innate feeling of cheerfulness and that jolly old spirit? The kids are suddenly more conscious about their behavior too, because they know Santa Claus is coming for a visit real soon.

    The best things about the Holidays are the old comforting things that bring back those memories of a happy childhood − the smell of chestnuts roasting in bazaars, parents happily flocking to the mall with their children to buy holiday presents, and kids counting their way to Christmas so they can get their “pamasko” from their ninongs and ninangs. Christmas definitely gives that happy feeling and this year, it’s made even more happy and sweet with the new Selecta Hershey’s Heath ice cream.

    Selecta Hershey’s Heath is made of glistening chunks of golden Heath Toffee in rich scoops of creamy Vanilla ice cream with swirls of chocolate fudge. It is your perfect ice cream indulgence this holiday of which every spoonful is a craving you can’t resist.  

    Heath ice cream is made of toffee, a traditional treat all over the world. It is a favorite confection especially during Holidays. Grown-ups enjoy it with their frappucino while kids delight in its candy bar and cake forms. Selecta and Hershey’s made this famous holiday ingredient more special by combining the English toffee and creamy vanilla ice cream in one for that special holiday treat.

    Create the happiest holiday bonding moments and pass on to your family the light and joyful spirit you had when you were young with the new Selecta Hershey’s Heath ice cream. Every spoonful of it will surely help you make it look like Christmas this early.

    Heath Ice Cream is available in 1.5 liter and 800ml family pack, in supermarket and convenience stores nationwide.

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