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  • How much fiber your child needs in a day?

    Don't know how much fiber your child needs every day? We let you in on the nutritional details.
    by Irene Sofia Recio .
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    5 - the number added to your child’s age to determine how much fiber he needs in a day, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. A five-year-old, for example, needs about 10 grams of fiber a day, while a 10 year old needs 15 grams. Food items rich in fiber include whole grains such as corn and brown rice, fruits such as oranges and apples, and vegetables like broccoli and spinach.
    • Laly Baraedo, M.D., chief, Rehabilitation Medicine, Philippine Orthopedic Hospital, Quezon City
    • Aileen Sison, child psychologist, Cardinal Santos Medical Center, San Juan; instructor, Methods and Psychological Testing, Mirriam College, Quezon City
    • Feny Bautista, executive director, Community of Learners School for Children, New Manila, Quezon City
    • Zenaida Villar, M.D., family doctor, Villar Medical Clinic, Marikina City

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