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  • How to make my pasta-eating child appreciate other food?

    Some kids might be quite selective when it comes to eating what’s on the table. Pediatrician, Dr. Rosanne Sugay, takes us through some strategies to try with your picky eater.

    by Rosanne Sugay, M.D. .
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    Q. How do I deal with my 22-month old daughter who is so picky when it comes to food? She doesn't want to eat rice at all but loves eating Chicken Alfredo pasta at fast food restaurants.

    A. The good news is that she is at least eating from all the food groups. Chicken for protein, pasta for carbohydrates, dairy and fat from the cream and hopefully some kind of vegetable (mushrooms, peas, et cetera) in the Alfredo sauce. I do understand however that variety simplifies things. You shouldn't be your daughter's short order cook and she should learn to eat what is being served at the dinner table.  

    The toddler age is the age of "no" and your daughter is trying to establish her independence. Here are some strategies you can try.

    1. Don't make it too much of a big deal. The more important it seems to you, the more a toddler will try to resist. Put a little bit of different foods on her plate.
    2. If she wants more Chicken Alfredo pasta, explain that she has to at least try all the other food on her plate before she gets another serving of the pasta. It takes ten to 15 tries before a toddler actually decides whether or not they really like the food. If you want her to eat rice, you can try to mix the pasta sauce with rice and see if she likes it.


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