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  • Make Mealtimes Hard for Your Kids to Resist With These Ideas

    You'll have fun, too, Mom!
  • Are the kids too preoccupied with playtime? Entice them to eat by making mealtime more fun. Keep your children interested by feeding their curiosity and imagination, too. Try these tips!


    Prep a bento box

    Tease their eyes with easy and cute sandwich bento boxes in different shapes. Is your son into trains? Line up a few sandwiches as cargo trains. Does your daughter love rabbits? Cut a sandwich into a rabbit face and use strips of carrots as whiskers. Your little one will happily eat the adorable setup for supper.


    Make cool smoothies

    Beat the heat with a cool  treat. Load up the blender with some crushed ice and fresh fruits in season: watermelon, coconut, cantaloupe, bananas, and mangoes, or try a fruit combo. Serve this refreshing drink with their lunch so the kids woll eat more heartily—and you're sure they have vitamins and minerals for the day.


    Change it up

    Play with the usual idea of a sandwich. Serve it open-faced with butter, honey, and a sprinkle of cinnamon. You can also whip up a ham and egg combo on toast. How about using different breads with interesting color, shapes, and sizes? By changing it up, your kids will be curious and look forward to the next breakfast you’ll prepare.


    Let them choose

    Kids love it when they can choose their food themselves. Make a mini sandwich buffet bar, and set the ingredients in front of them. Include the good stuff such as tomatoes, cheese, and premium meaty breadfill like Lady's Choice Meaty Spreads. Encourage them to try different combos!

    Once you've captured your kids' imagination, coming up with more ideas to make breakfast hard for them to resist will be easy. Remember to have fun, too, so they always feel 100% loved.


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