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Quarantine Meal Plan: 10 Grocery Items, 14 Dishes, 7 Days Worth of Meals
PHOTO BY Jun Pinzon (L); Majoy Siason (R)
  • Meal plannings for your family can be hard. You have to take into account the budget, which can be limiting, and the preferences of everyone in the family. It can be exhausting, mentally and physically. So we came up with this meal plan that can save you the headache of doing it yourself.

    This meal plan can feed an average family of four for about seven days for lunch and dinner, since these are the meals that require more planning and the most work. Breakfast can be fast, easy, and mechanical and can be composed of the meal you had the day before.

    10 items from the grocery that you need to buy

    We'll assume you have these basic ingredients: salt, sugar, ground black pepper, onions, garlic, water, oil, and a few other basic ingredients that a Pinoy kitchen and pantry normally keeps in stock. You can tweak recipes and use what's available to you.


    Here's your 10-item grocery list in case you need to go out and shop:

    • 3 whole chickens, cut into 8 pieces
    • 2 kilos pork pigue
    • 1 kilo ground beef or pork
    • 1 kilo fish fillet
    • 1/2 kilo potatoes or carrots or mixed vegetables
    • 12 large eggs
    • 4 200-gram packs tomato sauce
    • 1 kilogram spaghetti
    • 1 230-gram pack Japanese breadcrumbs
    • 1 bundle calamansi
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    Recipes For A 7-Day Lunch And Dinner Meal Plan

    Day 1: Pork Chops and Garlic Fried Chicken

    Whip out your easy breaded pork chop recipe.
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    Everyone loves fried chicken!
    PHOTO BY Yummy.ph

    A simple fried pork chop recipe is all you need to make your lunch a delicious one. You can slather it with the patis dressing or just serve it on the side for a quick sawsawan. Switch things up in the evening with a flavorful garlic chicken recipe that's fried chicken but made even more flavorful with the aromatic garlic.


    Click here for pork chop recipe and here for garlic friend chicken recipe.

    Day 2: Giniling and Garlic Oil Pasta

    This is one of the easiest recipes to put together
    PHOTO BY Jun Pinzon
    Make this quick, easy, and healthy dish in no time!
    PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag

    Keep your giniling recipe simple by just adding potatoes. The pork giniling for lunch is fast and easy to cook and so will the pasta in the evening. What makes this interesting is that any leftover giniling can be the meaty topping for your simple pasta. Bulk up the pasta with vegetables if you have any on hand and you'll be eating heartily this day.

    Click here for pork giniling recipe and here for garlic oil pasta recipe.

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    Day 3: Tortang Baboy and Calamansi Fish Fillet

    This meal requires minimal effort yet still big on flavor.
    PHOTO BY Patrick Martires
    This can also make for a great and hearty breakfast.
    PHOTO BY Patrick Martires

    Did you have any leftover ground meat from the day before that defrosted, or perhaps you made too much giniling yesterday? Perfect! You can use that to make tortang baboy for lunch, which you can serve with rice or sandwiched between bread if you're not up for a heavy lunch. A fast-cooking but super flavorful fish fillet recipe will save your sanity come dinner.


    Click here for tortang giniling na baboy recipe and here for calamansi fish fillet recipe.

    Day 4: Bistek Pork and Chicken Afritada

    No beef? Replace it with pork. No problem.
    PHOTO BY Majoy Siason
    This chicken dish is an easy family favorite!
    PHOTO BY Majoy Siason

    Time to brighten up the meals with Pinoy flavors and this pork bistek recipe is definitely a great start. You can use any pork cut for this recipe but if you have a whole pork chunk, slice thinly so it can tenderize faster than a thick one. Take a break while the chicken stew is simmering so you and the stew have time to rest.

    Click here for pork chop bistek recipe and here for chicken afritada recipe.

    Day 5: Tortang Baboy and Pork Menudo

    You can cook your version of menudo anytime.
    You can make lots of dishes with giniling!
    PHOTO BY Majoy Siason

    Switch things around with your torta this time and use another vegetable that you have for the giniling mix. You'll have plenty of flavor in the pork menudo planned for the evening meal that you can sacrifice some of your ingredients to make this stew heartier. Plus, use what vegetables and meat you still have to bulk this up, but even if you don't, the flavors will be enough that you will enjoy every spoonful anyway.


    Click here for tortang beef giniling recipe and here for pork menudo recipe.

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    Day 6: Crunchy Fish Fillet and Sweet-Style Spaghetti

    Make the sweet-style spaghetti sauce in four steps!
    PHOTO BY Patrick Martires
    Even your picky eaters will love this!
    PHOTO BY Patrick Martires

    The fish fillet can be made more appetizing when it's covered up in something crunchy and crispy. Serve it with any dip or condiment you have so the kids can have different flavors to eat with it. Then use up the last of your ground meat to make this pasta dish that will have the kids delighted to settle down at the table and eager to eat.

    Click here for sweet-style spaghetti recipe and here for crunchy fish fingers recipe.

    Day 7: Baked Chicken and Pulled Pork Stew

    It's simply pan-fried chicken with lots of garlic
    PHOTO BY Yummy.ph
    You can use any leftover meat for this recipe,
    PHOTO BY Dairy Darilag

    This baked chicken is going to need lots of rice! If you love garlic, then you'll need a lot of these to make this super garlicky dish that's bursting with flavor. You can serve with simple buttered pasta or rice. For dinner, the last of the pork can be stewed in seasoned tomato sauce until it falls apart. Then it's just a matter of serving it on top of the remaining potatoes, mashed, or a mound of rice.


    Click here for baked chicken ala pobre recipe and here for pulled pork stew recipe.

    We know how hard it is to make a meal plan, but we think that with a little planning, you can make your meals interesting and exciting again.

    This story originally appeared on Yummy.ph.

    *Minor edits have been made by the SmartParenting.com.ph editors.

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