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  • Mega Prime Mom Ambassador Finalists Take On The Grocery Haul Challenge

    Get to know Mommy Angel, Mommy Connh, and Mommy Dimples better by taking a peek into their grocery baskets!
Mega Prime Mom Ambassador Finalists Take On The Grocery Haul Challenge
  • Meal planning is, perhaps, one of the biggest challenges moms face daily — especially when they need to stick to a budget.

    There is probably no bigger test of homemaking ingenuity than trying to satisfy your family’s cravings and giving them the nutrition they need, all while making sure pantry staples and ingredients are put to good use and no single centavo goes to waste!

    Every mom has her own unique strategies and hacks when it comes to putting together grocery lists and planning which recipes to prepare. It’s fun to see how each homemaker approaches this task, and it makes a great learning experience, too!

    This is why Mega Prime challenged each of the top 3 finalists in the search for the next Mega Prime Mom Ambassador to do a grocery haul.

    Given a P2,000 budget, what groceries can and will you buy to make a fabulous 3-course meal your family will love?

    Get to know each Mega Prime Mom Ambassador finalist and see how all of them rose to the grocery haul challenge through the videos below.

    Mommy Angel Co So of Quezon City chooses pantry staples that’ll take her from appetizer to dessert in a jiffy.

    Mommy Connh Cruz of Malabon reveals the ingredients she’ll never scrimp on.

    Mommy Dimples Palomo of Quezon City shows off her well-rounded grocery list.

    Spoiler alert: Even the biggest grocery haul can still allow you to save on your household budget— but only if you know which good-quality, well-priced grocery items to purchase. These Mega Prime moms proved it!

    Now, will you try this challenge?

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