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  • Your Next Family Movie-time Snack: the Oreo Popcorn

    Gather the family on the sofa, turn down the lights and plug in your favorite movie while snackin' on these
  • Buzzfeed just created one of the most genius movie-time family snacks we've seen since the invention of the crinkle cut French fry.

    Oreo popcorn Photo from

    What is it? It’s Oreo popcorn - popcorn generously covered in smooth white chocolate and crushed Oreo bits. It sounds so good that we bet you'll even fight, negotiate and squabble with your kid over the last piece.

    They're super easy to make as well. All you need is  a bowl of popcorn, white chocolate, and a couple pieces of Oreos.


    Oreo popcorn

    Basically, you just:
    1. Pop a bowl of popcorn.
    2. Crush some oreos.
    3. Melt some white chocolate in the microwave.
    4. Combine the popcorn and white chocolate then add the Oreo crumbs to the chocolate covered popcorn.
    5. Mix, let cool, gather the family, and enjoy with a good Disney/Pixar/Dreamworks/Studio Ghibli movie.

    We wonder how well this would go with a cold glass of milk. Try it and tell us in the comments section below!


    Eating popcorn
    Gif from Giphy

    See the full recipe on

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