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  • Three-Ingredient Ham? Budget-Friendly Roast Beef? We're Cooking This Christmas!

    You will volunteer to cook with these easy Noche Buena recipes, all Pinoy family favorites!
    by Team .
Three-Ingredient Ham? Budget-Friendly Roast Beef? We're Cooking This Christmas!
PHOTO BY Miguel Nacianceno
  • The night before Christmas is definitely on every Filipino's calendar: this is the night when comfort food meets glamour, and feasting is free of judgement. Here is a round-up of homemade Filipino favorites (because nothing beats homemade!) for your family's Christmas spread.

    1 Chicken Macaroni Salad

    Have a quick side dish ready for in-between-meals munching and to accompany your tasty mains. This chicken macaroni salad recipe is a favorite that you will see on many homemade holiday spreads. (See more pasa salad recipes here)

    2  Glazed Roast Ham



    Here’s a quick hack for a majestic noche buena centerpice: buy store-bought ham, then glaze it yourself! This glaze recipe for roast ham only needs three ingredients. (Find the recipe for this dish here.)

    3  Beef Morcon

    Beef morcon is a Filipino-style beef roll stuffed with hard-boiled eggs, pickles, and chorizo. If you see it on a table, that probably means there’s a party going on. (Find the recipe for this dish here.)

    4  Herb-Crusted Roast Beef


    Every noche buena spread needs a star on the table: make this roast beef recipe your go-to for your Christmas party. This easy-to-follow recipe also has tips on how to keep this dish budget-friendly. (Find the recipe for this dish here.)

    5  Queso de Bola and Sausage Lasagna


    Queso de Bola, or edam cheese, is a Christmastime staple in Philippine households. Put all that cheese to good use and whip up and delicious lasagna! (Find the recipe for this dish here.)

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