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  • This Garlic Hack Is Going Viral Because It Peels Cloves in Less Than a Minute

    by Kitty Elicay .
This Garlic Hack Is Going Viral Because It Peels Cloves in Less Than a Minute
  • Filipinos love garlic — whether sautéed, toasted, or used as a condiment, the bulb gives our dishes a more distinct flavor. But prepping can be a tiresome job, and that is why people have come up with many ways how to peel the layers to get to the cloves. Some people whack it with a knife and others shake it wildly inside a container until the layers fall apart. But apparently, there is a much easier way to remove cloves from a head of garlic, and the technique is blowing the minds of garlic lovers everywhere.

    Last weekend, a Canadian game designer named Valentina Lord uploaded a video of her hack to quickly peel garlic in one clean stroke. “As someone who makes a lot of Korean food, this is the best method for getting garlic peeled,” she said in a tweet, accompanying the video.

    In the video, Lord is seen stabbing the garlic with a sharp tool, which somehow pulls the clove free from its skin in one smooth motion. In less than 30 seconds, she had already managed to pull the first layer of cloves from the head.

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    The video quickly went viral and has more than 13 million views as of this writing. Even celebrity mom Chrissy Teigen took notice! “WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT,” she said in her retweet, giving voice to all of the users who were stunned by the incredible technique.

    “This kind of info exchange is why the internet exists,” said another user.

    “I can’t believe I’ve been wasting all that time. I’ve never been this excited to make dinner!” replied another.

    “You just saved my nails and time, thank you,” read another tweet.


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    Does the viral garlic hack work?

    While the video is mind-boggling, Twitter sleuths quickly got to work to see whether the hack really worked or not. Some users reported that it worked for them while others said it was a dud.

    “That garlic peeling video is a straight up lie,” tweeted American vlogger Julien Solomita with video of him trying the technique. (Lord, however, replied to another user that Solomita was doing it wrong, LOL.)

    Journalist Rebecca Reid experienced the same when she tried doing it in the office.

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    Other users who successfully tried the hack suggested using a pocket knife or paring knife to poke the clove, or at least use a knife that’s “not too thin and sharp.” Others said the method takes practice before it is perfected.

    What other parents are reading

    Impressed yet? We have a feeling you’re reaching for a clove of garlic right now to try this on your own. Just make sure you’re going to use that garlic today.

    “It does work, and it’s one of the best hacks I’ve seen lately,” shared Frank Proto, director of culinary operations at the Institute of Culinary Education, to Today. “I would probably only use it when I am going to use the garlic that day, though, because you are piercing it, and it will start to oxidize.” He also warns that “inserting the knife too far and stabbing yourself” can easily happen if you’re not careful.

    Let us know in the comments how it worked for you!

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    What other parents are reading

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