How To Personalize Kids' Baon Based On Their Personality

Looking for easy, fun, and unique baon ideas? Try these!

Now that classes are fully underway, you may be starting to run out of baon ideas for your children. Good thing Nestlé CHUCKIE has creative, unique, and personalized baon ideas that moms can prepare for their kids!

Each child has their own personality, so one way of customizing baon is by matching it to your kid’s #BatangCHUCKIE personality.

How to personalize your child’s baon based on their personality:

For the Social Butterfly #BatangCHUCKIE

When someone needs a helping hand, this type of Batang CHUCKIE is quick to offer help for big and small tasks. And because they are giving by nature, it is not uncommon for them to share what they have. So, be sure to put in an extra snack or CHUCKIE pack for them to share with their friends.

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For the Cheerful #BatangCHUCKIE

This Batang CHUCKIE radiates happiness, sharing laughter, kindness, and bright smiles to everyone. They spread warmth wherever they go, brightening everyone’s day. To fulfill their creative desires and inspire them to be a ball of sunshine to everyone around them, these kids will enjoy cute cutouts and shapes in their sandwiches and fruits. For this Cheerful Batang CHUCKIE, the more variations and decorations in their baon, the better!

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For the Curious #BatangCHUCKIE

This child is known for being curious about the world, always exploring, asking questions, and looking for ways to discover how the world works. They’re the responsible kids who are often asked by their classmates if there’s any homework or quiz for the day. For their baon, go for a well-balanced meal with fruits and vegetables plus yummy snacks. But more than just easy-to-prepare ulam, don’t forget to include brain food like eggs, leafy vegetables, nuts, and fruits.

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With the help of kids’ favorite choco-milky buddy and these creative ways to personalize baon, your children will be excited for every day of school. Learn what kind of Batang CHUCKIE your kid is to find out what type of baon suits them. Most importantly, don’t forget to include their favorite choco-milky buddy, CHUCKIE!

CHUCKIE, made affordable with its lowered prices, is available in supermarkets and grocery stores near you. Spread the word about how you creatively include CHUCKIE in your kid’s daily baon by posting on social media with the tags #CHUCKIEBauninAngSaya and @nestleCHUCKIEph!

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